Shakespeare question: "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Why does Oberon want the child that Titania brings back from India so badly? I can’t find any reference to what he plans on doing with the child in the play.

Act 2, scene 1

So why does Oberon want the child?

He wants him as an attendant, but it’s implied that he’s jealous of the attention Titania is paying to the boy:

I always got the impression that the Indian child was more of a symbolic representation of the petty rivalries that Oberon and Titania get into, less important for his own sake than for the purpose he served between the two of them. While Titania was bewitched, Oberon convinced her to give the child over to him, and when she found out about it after the spell was removed, she didn’t care to get him back (he’s not even mentioned in Act V). This indicates to me that her sentimental tale about how much she cared for her vot’ress was so much hokum – she wanted the child because Oberon did, and vice versa.