*shaking head* Whitney...Whitney...Whitney.......Whitney...

It is mind boggling that it is same Whitney Houston responsible for all of those :dubious: 's on Bravo’s Being Bobby Brown who once picked up her first Grammy from her cousin, Dionne Warwick, who opened the fatefull envelope.

I don’t recall Bobby Brown being famous for much of anything in the last decade other than beating the crap out of Whitney.

Why does he have his own show? That’s the biggest :dubious:

I have no earthly idea.

I used to live in Dekalb County, in who’s County Courthouse the dynamic duo has spent some quality time in recent years.

Shouldn’t that be digging the crap out of Whitney?


I caught a bit of this show on Bravo last night and I couldn’t stop watching. It was captivating in a car wreck sort of way.
The only thing I have to say after watching is, “Drugs are BAD”.

I read about that. Oh my, he must really, really want the diamond watch! :eek:

I don’t know what you two are talking about…and I don’t think I want to know.

Taken from FansofRealityTV.com:

He sits by Whitney and they banter affectionately about the time Bobby had to pull impacted feces from her rear-end. He demonstrates with his fingers as Whitney half-heartedly attempts to hush him up. I’m open-mouthed at the scatological tale. This couple does everything together. Whitney shrugs it off with, “That’s black love.”

Highlight the spoiler, honeydewgrrl, and partake of the knowledge of which you are missing. You know you want to.

I’m sorry, but if I had to know that, everyone does.

Let’s just say you can take what Guin said literally. :wink:

Black lovers everywhere say, “Poo wrangling? I was not told.”

Someone has GOT to splice together a video file with some of her more incongruous historical footage…

I have not been paying attention to the saga of Whitney Houston, but I hear little bits and pieces or see her on the tabloids at the supermarket. Did she give up her career in music to be a crackhead and/or junkie or something?

On the Television Without Pity Site, the Browns are affectionately known as “The McCrackersons”. :smiley:

Last night, Conan dubbed them “Screwy McLawbreak and his Walking Pharmacy Wife.” Sounds like a good title for a Robert Smigel cartoon.

Is this on broadcast television or cable?

I just have to know . . .

Why did Whitney have impacted feces? Was it drug related? Can she not afford a doctor?