Is Whitney Houston a crackheard?

I apologize If this thread needs to be moved, I figured since Whit is an entertainer (depending on your perception) I’d submit this in CS.

For a couple years I’ve been hearing rumours that Whitney is suffering with a drug addiction. Does anyone know if there’s some truth to this or is it just viscous rumour?

oops, that title should obviously read “…Crackhead” maybe a mod can fix it?

Wouldn’t she have to be on crack to marry and stay with Bobby Brown?

Slow-moving and thick?

…and will most likley lead to thermal break-down

She’s definitely a pothead, she got in a fight with airline security once because they wouldn’t let her bring some pot with her on the plane! You have to be messed up to do that, and I think it’s kinda screwed up that she didn’t get arrested.

I’ve known plenty of crackheads, and Whitney could be one, though I think it’s more likely she’s hooked on something else that’s messing with her mind.

Since this sort of thing is best left to chat rooms and the such, I don’t like posts that consist of something as lame as “LOL” or “LMAO” or anything of the sort, but dammit…
Crusoe: LMAO!!!

As an aside…

Has anyone noticed how much she sweats? Everytime I’ve ever seen her perform on tv her face is just dripping.

So the stories all go. I used work in the tv, part of the media world survives on gossip.

And the ‘Whitney Houston is a crackhead’ story was one of our favourites. Although come to think of it, it could well have been ‘Whitney is a cokehead’. There were a lot of stories, and they were quite specific about what she had done, but I suspect most of the details were just people ‘filling in the gaps’ with their own experience

The trouble is, however many individual stories there are, we’ll never know if they’re true unless she recovers and tells all, or she makes a mistake.

That said, she does look absolutely dreadful these days and her professional behaviour has been documented as being appalling on occasions in the last few years - no-shows, can’t rehearse, can’t sing, forgets lyrics . .

And such a charming husband :slight_smile: