I just learned Michael Jackson died

I wonder how Whitney Houston is handling it.

Elizabeth Taylor must be pretty cut up about it. They’re such close friends.

It’s a false rumor. I just saw him with Elvis at the Taco Bell around the corner.

John Lennon is going to be heartbroken.

Just don’t tell Zsa Zsa!

I just know Farrah Fawcett is going to be crushed.

It should help Joseph Fiennes’ career

I had to check and make sure Joseph Fiennes was still alive.

Nero’s gonna burn down the town when he gets wind of this!

This is all completely ridiculous.

Whitney is reportedly taking a whole lot of serious drugs to cope with this although she has developed an obsessive/compulsive behavior involving taking repeated and lengthy baths.

In a very strange development, her daughter, Bobbi Kristina is also taking lots and lots of heavy drugs and has also developed that same obsessive/compulsive behavior involving taking repeated and and lengthy baths.

However, a family spokesperson has assured her many fans there is absolutely no cause for concern because both mother and daughter are under the care of a competent psychiatric professional and they have assured the family that everything is well under control.

So, there is nothing to worry about and I’m sure that should put everyones’ concerns to rest.

Well, shit, that leaves Bowie looking for a new partner for his plastic soul round 2

Abe Vigoda is vastly relieved.

I heard it was food poisoning.

He licked a 9 year old wiener.

You’ve started a series of parody and nonsense threads. Enough. This thread is closed. Knock off the nonsense threads.