Shallots and Spring Onions, what to do?

I get a delivery box of fresh fruits and vegetables every two weeks. This week’s box contained shallots, as well as some gigantic spring onions. I’d love some ideas of what to do with them. I’ve never used shallots, and I’ve only ever had small green onions - these are huge!

Any ideas, o wise dopers?

Shallots pickle very tastily, and are also an excellent base for experimenting with chutneys. In your normal cooking just use them in place of your regular onions.

Where shallots shine though, is when gently fried with garlic and chicken livers, on toast.

Asian secret ingredient: chop shallots, pan fry, (carefully until dark but not burnt), leave on paper towel to dry out completely, (over 24hrs), place into airtight container, they will keep for weeks.

Sprinkle it into everything you make, mmmmmm, deliciousness! Every time! Or sprinkle over the top as a delicious garnish, yummo!

I use shallots in soups and other sauces. They are also a very tasty omelette ingredient.

Shallots I use pretty much anywhere I’d use onions or onions & garlic. I find myself using them most for Thai dishes – where shallots are routine – as well as in sauces and gravies. If you make stir fries, throw them finely minced in there. They’re like onion’s cooler and more sophisticated cousin.

If your spring onions are like knob onions (where the bulb is anywhere from a dime to about a quarter or larger in diameter), then I just usually grill those and serve them alongside grilled meats. Sometimes, I’ll just use them as green onions. One of my favorite treats as a kid was a buttered piece of rye bread served with chopped green onion on it (like the actual green part, not the white part.)

Use shallots in escargots.

Shallots are great. The quick pickle suggestion mentioned above is great. Mince the shallot cover with a little bit of a tasty vinegar and let soak for 15-20 minutes and use as a garnish. Otherwise use as you would onion or garlic either by itself or in combination with those items as stated above. It’s one of my favorites.

I can go through a bunch of green onions or shallots making omelets.

If your green onions are as large as you say, maybe you could sub them into a leek recipe?

Spring onions are just nice fresh onions. I trimmed a half-dozen (mixed red and white) last night, rolled them in olive oil, sprinkled with salt & pepper, and roasted them until they were nicely browned and softened. Served them spread on rye bread along with a roast chicken.