Shameless plug, attention whoring, and a gentle stroke to my ego.

Ok, so I finally got around to sending out 3 of the rolls of film I took on vacation. Well several of the pictures came out fucking fantastic. Now they lost a little in the translation, the scanning, and resizing for posting, so be gentle. But I think they still show themselves to be fantastic pictures. There are others that I have taken posted on the following site, but the cas, yel, and mon series of photographs are from the Northern Cascades, Yellowstone, and Montana respectively. So if you dare look, and wish to stroke my ego a bit, follow the link. I hope you enjoy, feel free to post comments, and ask questions.


All the pictures posted are safe for the whole family, and there are no ads, popups, or redirects to anything. All the photographs are originals, taken by me. Again, I promise you the hard copies are much better than these, cheap ass scanner.

Those are pretty pictures of beautiful scenery. It looks like you had a wonderful vacation.

Nice pictures. But you’ll have to take them again. Seems a moose wandered into some of the shots.

Have fun on your trip?

I thank the two of you who responded for the comments. I did have fun on the trip.

They’re awful. Horrible. Ugh. They make my soul hurt.

Not really. They’re very nice.