Shampoo for oily but static-prone hair

My hair is quite oily, but is also very prone to static, especially in the winter. I’m currently using a “deep-cleaning” shampoo with a regular conditioner, but I’d like to try something else, as I still get static quite often. Any recommendations?

We get A LOT of static here from our very dry winter conditions, and I use a very light leave-in conditioner for static problems.

Have you tried rubbing a dryer sheet over your hair- I’ve read that it works but have never tried it.

Dryer sheet. I’d suggest seeing a dermatologist to be SURE you have oily scalp/skin - over washing with stripping shampoos leads to excessive sebum, so you’re creating more work for yourself, when in actuality you aren’t actually over-oily.

My hairdresser said if you let your hair dry naturally rather than using a blow dryer it won’t be as flyaway. She also said spray on some spray gel (alcohol-free) while your hair is a bit damp. I have done those 2 things and find it works, especially not using a blow dryer. This only works of course if you don’t need to style it with the dryer.

Leave in conditioner, or in a pinch, a bit of hand lotion on the ends and along the surface.

I find that a spray-on silicone shine serum works like a charm.

I will second the hand lotion idea. Also, if you do blow dry your hair get a heat therapy spray. I use the Dove brand but I’m sure there are others that work well. I usually spray it on when my hair is wet even if I don’t blow dry and it still helps a lot with frizz and static.

I use John Frieda’s Frizz Ease leave in conditioner spray. Make sure it’s the spray, as there are several Frizz Ease products. My hair is long, thick, coarse, brittle, and somewhat wavy. A few spritzes of this and I can easily comb my hair without any snarls. My hair is much more manageable.

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