Shamrock Shakes(tm)...What flavor are they supposed to be?

I get lime and mint in about equal measure. It was described to me by a McDonald’s employee as a “Sorta lime, sorta mint, kinda thing.”

Top Secret Recipes claims that it is fully mint.

I’m not buyin’ it.

Anyone else here get the lime taste as well.



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Tastes Mint to me <shrug>

Leprecaun with just a hint of molasses.

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As to the flavor, it’s a long time since I’ve had one,and I can’t remember what they’re flavored like, but they SHOULD be flavored like shamrocks, IMHO.

Or at least something high in chlorophyll, like parsley.


Doesn’t taste at all like Mint. I don’t know what McDonald’s did to the formula, but they need to bring back the flavor from years ago.

The old Shamrock Shakes were vanilla, plain, simple, old-fashioned vanilla. All they did was add a lot of green dye to their vanilla shakes.

I had one once a few years ago - nothing but mint taste to me.

Edit: dang it, didn’t check the date! Or look at the link.

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I remember this from my childhood, because we used to get them when I was a kid and add mint flavoring to them, because we thought that was how they ought to taste.

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This articlehas the story:

Will the straw have fake stones attached to it?

Do you have a room around here to go to?

** Shamrock Shakes™…What flavor are they supposed to be? **

A cross between Colgate and Crest.

A relevant take:

IIRC there are (were?) two different ways of producing Shamrock Shakes. Some outlets had a pre-mixed liquid and some used vanilla base but added green-colored flavoring in the machine. The two varieties did not taste exactly the same.

I don’t know if there’s anything that would reasonably explain it but I 100% noticed a strange lime-esque flavor in the last Shamrock Shake I had-- probably 5 or 6 years ago.

Just a super disgusting flashback. Around 1971, my little brother was in the bathroom, and we heard a blood cuddling scream. The whole family ran to him, and he was sobbing because his poop, floating in the toilet, was bright green.

Yes, he’d gone to McDonald’s and had a shamrock shake the day before!

I tried one once just to see if I could get a mint shake nearby since the place I like is a bit out of the way for me. I drank about half of it but couldn’t stop think ‘this tastes like toothpaste’.