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This is silly and immature (as well as mundane and pointless), so I at once thought of posting it here:

Some of the captions people have already submitted are terrific; I was trying so hard to keep from laughing at work that I became a helpless quivering blob.

(This is a Christian humor web site, but don’t worry, that’s not as oxymoronic as it sounds. Go ahead, take a peek, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised :))

Play God:

UncleBill, that is just wrong!

I love Bacon
that one isn’t really funny, but it kicks ass…

No, really

Dr.Bukk’s Teef
See the ‘Fambly Pichures’.



Save the Pacific tree octopus (amongst other things)!

I’ve always been amused by Eric Conveys an Emotion.

Here are funny re-translations of the theme songs to The Beverly Hillbillies and The Brady Bunch:

Someone just sent me this today:

This one is mildly entertaining.

Also, I got this one off another post recently. It’s crazy.

What Bagers Eat

The ex-psychogirlfriend site may be a hoax. According to, the name was bought soon after the calls began (contradicting what the alleged owner of the site says), and there is some link to one of the Internet advertising services (L90?) that has apparently pulled stunts like this before.

My favorite site out there is, and be prepared to spend a lotta time there. There is a mountain of stuff on this site. James Lileks is a columnist for Scripps Howard and lives in Minneapolis. He puts up a daily diary, and is currently scanning in and making fun of '70s design books (warning here: color combinations could cause seizures).

The contents of one part of his site is going to be published as a book (“The Gallery of Regrettable Food”), which I mention only to point out an unusual way the Internet could be used.


This is so hard . . . there’s the Bullshit Generator, Dead Pool, Landover Baptist, and The Smoking Gun. But for consistent humor, I’d have to vote for The Onion

Tired of ebay? Then you may enjoy “For Sale By Mental Patient”

There’s some very funny websites here. Just to keep things going I’ll contribute:

I’m a big fan of this Brit low-life humour. The “Profanisauris” is a jewel.

This is my new favorite site! Thanks your majesty! (the blog of a cat called Abbie)

It’s cat humor, so some of you may find it twee.

I’ll second the votes for James Lileks and for the Viz.