Share a weight that's been lifted off your shoulders recently

I feel like singing from the rooftops.

I briefly mentioned it before, but my identify was stolen when I was 15 and used to open up a credit card to the tune of 7k dollars (eventually ballooning to over 10k with interest). Although I checked my credit report at 19 (after my college lost a laptop with scholarship students’ personal information on it) it wasn’t reported. The nightmare began when my parents received a letter several months ago saying I was being sued by a debt collection company. It was the first I’d heard of this credit card or this debt.

I started worrying how long this would take to clear up; all thoughts of buying a house before I turned 30 evaporated. I talked seriously with my SO that should it drag on longer than 3 years that we should wait to get married so he didn’t assume my (phantom) debt. He was worried as well, though he never doubted me and always assured me the truth would come out. My credit score was below 600; I was devastated. Aside from a $600 balance I briefly carried while I interned for Obama and quit my part time job in college I had been diligent with money - the queen of coupons and store specials and saving. Many nights I had trouble sleeping, wondering if we should “settle” simply to clear it.

Much handwringing and lawyering ensued to prove there was no evidence it was my debt.

Finally, at long last, a judge dismissed the whole case yesterday. The nightmare is over. I still can’t believe it.

So share your good fortune - any unburdening you’ve experienced lately.

We finally sold my house, not quite two weeks ago. I’m having a baby in a month. I won’t say the timing couldn’t have been better, because the darn thing was on the market for 11 months, but gee… what a relief that is. Not only do we not have to carry the mortgage/interest/insurance/taxes on it, we don’t have to worry about yard maintenance, snow maintenance, interior maintenance, etc. It had gotten to the point where we just didn’t talk about it, it upset us so much.

So… phew.

“It’s benign.”

(I got the news just two days ago.)

Great news sevenwood :slight_smile:

Sattua, does that mean you guys have to look for a new place, or do you already have another house (and were just trying to unload yours?) I hope you don’t have to find a new place while 8 months along.

I moved into my current house with a three-week-old infant. Oh the pregnant house-shopping we did! I think I peed in every house we looked at. Those who have borne children, you know what I’m talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hurray for the good news posted so far! I don’t have any at the moment. Wish I did!

I accepted a job last week. I’d been a little worried that I’d never find a job relevant to my graduate degree and that I’d end up adjuncting forever, but I’ll be an employed professional at the end of the month! (Still have to finish the degree, but that’s another, even more stubborn weight on the shoulders.)

I quit smoking a couple of weeks ago. I have had a couple of cravings when I’ve see someone smoking, but I haven’t had one.

I really don’t want to smoke anymore. I’ve tried in the past but I don’t think I was this sincere about it.

Another one for Ìts benign (and its out of my body so I don`t need to worry about it anymore).

Also my mom-in-law was transferred this past weekend to a nursing home. We were concerned that she would hate it but so far she is loving it. There`s still all the moving of stuff out of her old place to do but that will actually be less stressful for us.

Dangerdad got a job! He’s employed! We won’t lose the house or go deeper into debt than we already are! He even likes his job.

When my mom passed in September, I cut my half-sister out of my life. She’s always been a thorn in my side. She never treated mom right, and did some pretty bad things with her life. Now, she’s paying for it, as her own son won’t have anything to do with her, and she has serious money problems. She had a fit when she saw mom’s will, and found that she wasn’t really mentioned much at all. I’m the one that took care of my mom for the past 3 years, or so. She only saw mom during that time a handful of times. Maybe once a year for years before that, even.

It’s such a relief to never have to deal with her, her issues, and her drama, EVER again. I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders, and it’s a really good feeling.

We recently exhaled when the suspicious calcifications showing up in my wife’s mammogram, requiring an MRI, turned out to be harmless. Tears flowed, then wine.

My 80 year old Grandaddy came through his knee surgery just fine. He’s frail. I was worried, the doctor initially refused to do it but he said he’d rather die than be in pain and not able to walk.

I get to keep him for a while longer. I love that grumpy old man.

No, we have been living in my husband’s house for a year now. We both owned houses when we met and got married… we renovated this one while living in mine, then moved and put mine on the market. Everything is rosy now… THIS house is even paid off.

I stopped caring at work! Yay!

My new motto is: “Mistakes were made” :smiley:

I’m getting a year of severance pay plus COBRA paid for when I leave this job in April. And I got an offer on a boat I’ve been needing to sell.

Life is good.

My daughter has been in grad school in Canada, got her degree, but it took ages for her work visa to come through. It came last week! Now she can get a job! She can come home for a visit, and when she returns, they’ll let her back in! Wahoo!

Is that what you kids are calling it these days?


I think HE got the offer on the boat if you knowwhatImean.

I had a couple of annoying things that were bothering me, and shopping trip after shopping trip over the past 3 months finally bore fruit in the last 2 months:

  1. I was running out of shaving razors. I wanted to buy a home hair trimmer too so I was looking for the perfect device that could do both. My wife requested nose hair trimming as well. So, it was this huge hassle to find an electric home haircutting system that could also shave my whiskers and trim my nose hair. Finally, I found one this past Sunday, and it was also on sale for 19.99.

  2. I was missing a lot of important emails from work because while I’m teaching, I can’t check my email. At the same time, my phone contract ended, so I could get a good discount on a new phone. I was shopping around for months for a way for me to access email with a new phone where the keypad to type with was larger than confetti. A couple of weeks ago, the iPhone 3gs went on sale for $50 and all my problems were solved at a great price as well.

  3. I got sick and needed Sudafed to keep me on my feet. The first 3 stores I went to didn’t have any on the shelf, and I went too late to get the good stuff (that they make crystal meth out of) from behind the counter at a pharmacy. On a whim, I went to Costo’s pharmacy while shopping for cigs and got a great deal on the good stuff. Of course, by then, my flu was almost done, but who couldn’t use a nice pick me up like “real” Sudafed? :smiley:

  4. I needed a solar powered watch. My kinetic watch was dying and it would take weeks for it to be sent out to be serviced. Also, I didn’t have a working watch to use in the meantime. Luckily, eco-drive watches went on sale at the same time as my birthday, so I got a nice $400 eco drive watch as my present. :slight_smile: