Anti-rants - Good little things in your life!

After years and years of struggling with money, we actually have enough money this Christmas. I almost don’t want to say it out loud for fear of jinxing it, but we’re even paying down debts!!! I got a temp job, and Jim got a nice bonus from work. This feels so strange and unusual, I don’t even know what to do with it. What do you do with yourself when you’re not worrying about money? :slight_smile:

What good little things has life thrown your way lately?

My garage is free of giant predatory tortoises.

I recently received a check from the state of Oregon even though I’ve not lived there in a year and a half, which was nice. I also received a gift card from work for quality performance and if I ever get around to filling out the form and mailing it in, am due for $25 or so from Visa because of some class action lawsuit that I’m somehow included in for international purchases last year.

That’s basically repaid half of the total I spent on Christmas this year.

Good for you,your good feeling genuinlly makes me feel good myself,bless you.

Since we’ve started in about money:

I got a raise.
I got a Christmas bonus.
We received our auto insurance dividend payback last week.
My daughter sold a jewelry item she no longer wanted for over a grand.
She also found that college will give her a medical leave for this semester and refund the tuition.

But the really nice things are:
We are all healthy enough to enjoy the holiday.
The solstice is only 7 days away.
We got our Christmas tree today, and now all we have to do is our annual “Where did we put the tree stand?” search. Which will be followed in a few weeks with, “We’ll put it HERE so that we’ll be able to find it next year” ritual.
Our foundling kitten does not have FIV or feline leukemia, and it is a blast to watch her tackling our Pekingese dog. She fears nothing, and he is a gentle beast.

There are no capybaras hiding under the bed.

My jewelry was accepted in a very nice local gallery, and I dropped off a whole bunch of pieces yesterday. The gallery owner was so ga-ga over it that she immediately bought a bracelet and asked me to make a pair of matching earrings. I can’t wait to stop in next week and take a picture of my stuff on display.

And we’re getting the midwest winterstorm today, but I did grocery shopping yesterday, so I’m just sitting here enjoying a fire, the snow falling, and the anticipation of cooking a pot of white chili for dinner.

Work for me is full-on right now, and looks like I’ll have projects to complete for a fair while yet. So, the money will keep flowing. I’ve got debts, but they’re manageable. Just got over a chest infection, and I feel great, full of energy. Even started work chopping down the tall hedge at the back of my place – I’m blistered, but happy. :slight_smile:

The main good things in my life is that I know some cool people, the holidays are coming up where, while I won’t get paid, at least I have some time to myself to get other stuff done, and, well – here, it’s summer. That’s usually a good thing.

My parakeet, Scout

We got an email at work yesterday confirming that we will get a bonus this year (not a Christmas bonus, it’s a profit sharing thing… but we get it just before Christmas :stuck_out_tongue: ) so I’m expecting it next week sometime. It can go in my car/emergency fund, since I’m already done Christmas shopping.

I’m pretty sure I passed my final course to get my diploma. We haven’t got marks back yet but I did really really good on the previous reports and the final report is only about 1/3 of the final grade so even if I didn’t do as good I’ll still pass.

I passed my driving lessons!! (Now I just have to wait for my year to be up and do a refresher before I go take the road test… that’ll be in June, but hey I got one step done!)

Recently I found my holy grail of mp3s: Severn Darden’s “Metaphysics Lecture”, from the very earliest days of Second City. I knew the LP it appeared on was for sale online occasionally, but I didn’t want to deal with the conversion.

I had been hoping the movie “Becket” would appear on a DVD. It finally came out this year and I bought it.

I found out “Beyond the Fringe” had been available on DVD for some time, so I bought it. Bonus: I discovered my library has the script, so I finally found out exactly what they were rattling off in the Shakespeare parody. :slight_smile:

My neighbors. They love me and I love them. We trade food, recipes, plants and hugs all the time.

Knowing that my feeling good makes you feel good makes me feel good. :smiley:

I have a small dry erase board on the front door to my apartment. The other day I noticed that my very best friend/ex boyfriend (who I may get back together with) wrote “I LOVE YOU” on it. The next day he had added “A LOT.” I have been very depressed lately and it cheered me up to be reminded that there’s at least one person out there (other than my parents, who are a given) who genuinely cares and wants to see me happy.

After writing that last sentence, I realized that having parents who really care for you and want to see you happy ISN’T always a given. So I am thankful for that.

It’s almost Christmas, and I’m really excited about the idea of maybe getting a few presents. That sounds greedy and materialistic, but I’m a poor college student and haven’t actually been able to afford to buy myself anything nice in a very long time. Some new clothes or nice things for my apartment or other non-necessities in general would really make me happy, so I’m looking forward to that – I’m sure someone in my family will give me SOMETHING.

At goodwill the other day, I found a pathetic deformed stuffed reindeer. Both his antlers are missing, along with his tail and one ear. He’s so pathetic and sad-looking yet cute, so I bought him (99 cents!) and put him on display in my livingroom. I giggle when I see him.

My spouse and our critters are healthy and happy. We’ve got a comfortable home and a wonderful and eclectic array of friends who we can count on when we need fun, entertainment, and support.

We went sledding today, giggling like 12-year-olds. What could be better.

I just started a new job, and while learning it is proving to be a headache, I’m learning it, and my coworkers all rock.

We paid off our Lowe’s bill! Took six months, but we did it! Next on the chopping block are Ivylad’s credit cards (mine are paid off.) We’re doing the Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Steps and we’re on Step 2 now.

Plus (and I hate to say it, because I have no supporting pictures) we got our dog a new friend…another puppy. So, we have two dogs now, chasing each other around the house.

We got him through our county animal shelter, and he got fixed this week. So, we gave a sweet dog a new home and did our good deed for the month!

Tamiya model spray paint. Goes on smooth, dries fast & hard. Ya can’t screw it up. It’s like God’s own paint.

Plus, I got my creative spark back and am going like gangbusters on three projects at once. :slight_smile:

I’ve been voluntarily out of work for the past six months, living off my savings, and I can potentially do it for several months more. I love it, and wish I could do it forever.

I’m in a good place within myself right now, and I am enjoying the personal freedom. Happy happy happy.

I found a great hairstylist by pure serendipity. I haven’t had anything but a standard hippie-style buttcrack long hair 'do for almost ten years; no one but my sister touched it. I decided this morning to get a bob, and walked in to a place in the mall. By pure beautiful coincidence, my new stylist (yes, I will now be a regular) has my same hair issues, many of my same interests (how often can you chat with your stylist about serial killers?) and is talented to boot. My hair is now awesome. I am so damn happy.

(Yeah, so I beat everyone on “mundane”, but I’m pretty damn ecstatic. I lost like 3 pounds in hair today.)

Also: I have discovered that my nearby municipality (I live in the sticks) has a new Indian grocery. I excused my husband from attendance this evening because he still has finals, but I am sure the place is filled with awesome and win.