Name something you're happy about

Seems like the universe got up on the wrong side of the bed – there’s a lot of bad luck and painful stuff going on right now, with everyone, both here on the boards and IRL: health, employment, relationships, etc. etc. etc. God knows I could give you a pretty long list of things that completely fucking suck about my life right now.

But I’m not going to – and ask that you not, either, in this particular thread, anyway. Instead, with no qualifications or "yeah but"s or anything, name at least one thing you’re just happy about right now. Go as minor as you want.


Just bought a new CD changer for the main stereo and hooked it up last night. It’s playing CDs without skipping or crackling or popping or repeating or hiccupping. The old one had been on the fritz for months and I finally said “enough” and ordered a new one and it’s lovely to sit here and listen to some music I like without the CD player misbehaving.


It’s Friday. This week is finally almost over.

I start a new job on Monday.

Today and tomorrow they are running the Breeders’ Cup. Two of the five High Holy Days, alongside the Triple Crown days.

After a week long review of our project, it seems we are much closer to finishing than I thought. I have a few gaps to fill, but we are closer than I thought we were.

We haven’t been hit with a planet-killer class meteor yet today.

I’m getting my engagement ring today*! Squee!
*We’ve known for a while that we are getting married and we’ve picked a date and have started looking at invitations and stuff already even though he hadn’t technically proposed yet. This week he took a day off of work and went shopping for my ring and told me to bring a nice outfit to change into after work today so we can go to dinner someplace with a dress code (which is something we never do) so I know it is happening tonight. Squee!

Next Friday, universe willing, my house sale will close. I’ve also just begun the research portion of my Masters, which means the end is in sight. AND my first anniversary to the man of my dreams is coming up in two weeks. I’m happy :slight_smile:

It’s Friday.

The sun is shining.

I really like my hair the way it’s growing out.

I have a new game at home.

I get to spend all weekend with my SO, and we love each other very much.

Both big and small things to rejoice over.

I just wrote a limerick to my ex.

Writing limericks makes me happy.

I may even post it. We’ll see.

My husband and I are trying for a baby.

1.) Payday Friday.
2.) Nerdy WoW stuff that anyone who doesn’t play the game won’t understand or give a damn about.
3.) I’m hanging out with one of my bestest friends tonight.

Yay! This is exciting!

It’s Friday and when I get home my dog will be literally jumping for joy. We’ll have the whole weekend to do stuff. I love my dog. :slight_smile:

Awhile back, we saw an unavoidable meteoric rise in our living expenses – right around the time my wife’s work hours were slashed. The bills are piling up. We’re about two weeks away from losing the house, and we’re desperately looking for a rock-bottom price buyer, just to avoid having a foreclosure on our credit history.

And through it all, my wife and I never bickered, or sniped, or put a word of blame on the other. Everything we hear is that times of financial stress are the most difficult times for a marriage – while we just hold tight to one another, try and shield our daughter from what’s going on, plan our next move, and put faith in the fact that no matter what happens, we somehow always land on our feet.

Things are bad – and I know they’re going to get better. That makes me very happy indeed.

It’s Friday!

I get to go hold my week-old nephew today so my sister-in-law can get a nap.

My 2-year-old slept through the thunderstorm last night (which is great, because if he’d heard it he’d have FREAKED OUT).

Our power came back on after only 90 minutes last night, and the timing of the outage was actually about as convenient as could be (we were finishing dinner, all leftovers had been put away, etc.).

We got our cable problem sorted out, so we’re not seeing the annoying “you need to call Comcast” message anymore.

My kid is generally hilarious, in addition to being cute. :slight_smile:

I think I figured out how I’m going to propose to my girlfriend…for the second time.

I had made plans for the proposal to happen during the first week of September but I had to scuttle it at the last minute. It’s now taken me two months to think of something that’s going to be equally awesome. Tentatively, it’s going to be December 12.

My daughter has a job. My son is coming home in a few weeks. I got an award at work, and my mom lovedlovedloved the picture of my daughter we sent her for her birthday. And a friend of mine got a job after almost a year and a half.

And Hal Briston - you and your family are in my prayers.


Found a job.
Passed the Bar.
Won an Ipod Nano in a charity raffle the same week my old one crapped out.
Got paid early for my freelance project so I was able to take a trip down to VA to visit my best pal for her birthday.

What can I say, everything’s coming up Hello Again lately.

-My wife gave me the “I need sex tonight” code this morning.
-The new furniture is about to be delivered.
-It’s a perfect, sunny, blustery, cool, crisp fall day outside today.
-The other day I paid all my bills and I got paid today.
-The plant in my office, which I thought I had killed by forgetting to water it, is looking healthy, green and shiny again.

My nephew and niece are doing fine. I’m not there to see it, but I understand he was as surprised as the adults when she went from sitting down immobile for hours to crawling (which she managed a lot more easily than he had) to walking within two weeks.

LiLi’s pregnancy is going well.