Share Hallucination/Strange Dream Stories

Having done drugs, having seizures, and experiencing sleep paralysis - I’ve had numerous hallucinations. Here are a couple of the most vivid.

Having gotten drunk, and overdosing on medication - I was rushed to the ICU. While in the hospital I had numerous hallucinations and strange lucid dreams.

In one instance I was awake and started seeing blotches on the wall seemingly come out of nowhere. At one point I was able to control them and force them to pop up in certain areas. I told my doctor and he seemed worried, and told me to tell him if they continued after I left the hospital. They didn’t.

Also, while in the hospital I had a dream which was very real. In my dream I was in my hospital room and I pulled out my journal. I opened it to a blank page and began writing. When I wrote a ‘2’, I couldn’t just draw that symbol. I had to draw ‘2’ several times until it made up a larger ‘2’. The same with any other letters and numbers. it would just happen automatically.

I then talked to this woman who told me the most sexual experience one could have was to be in someone else’s body and masturbating. She then switched bodies with me… and well.

It was all very strange.

When I got out of the hospital I had several seizures.

I don’t remember much about any of them. But I do remember one instance, where I couldn’t understand what was going on. These men were trying to take me in this vehicle and I didn’t want to go. I was very aggressive and tried to fight them off. Eventually they wrestled me into the vehicle… in hindsight I know they were EMTs trying to get me to go into an ambulance, but at the time I could not figure out what was going on, who they were, or what the vehicle was.

I once awoke to a tall creature standing over me. He was so tall that his head was cramped up against the ceiling, eerily staring down at me. I was unable to move, but even when I was able to move it stayed there just watching. I crawled out of bed and out my door. I turned away and looked back and it was still there. I called a friend to come over to help me deal with whatever was going on. When we went back upstairs to my room - it was gone.
It was terrifying, and it took me a long time to get over it and convince myself it was a hallucination. I wouldn’t sleep in that room for a long time.

When I was 2, I had a ‘My Buddy’ doll. My mom was vacuuming and I was sitting on my bench with the doll (which was about as big as me). As I looked at it - its head turned and looked at me. I screamed at the top of my lungs. The dolls head remained turned even as my mom carried it out to the trash. I’m still not sure how or why it happened.

I had a dream where my girlfriend at the time called me for help (her parents were abusive) and I had to book it out of my house and to hers a couple blocks away. While running down there, I saw several very creepy things, but had no time to look carefully. There were twins who lived in the neighborhood and they were playing together, but one had no head. There was several traffic signs which were new to me such as a Giant X with an eye in the middle of it, and a stop sign that was multi-colored.

Running further down the street I saw my mother (who was pregnant at the time) holding her stomach and crying. As I got closer blood poured out from under her maternity dress and a fetus dropped to the ground twitching with the umbilical cord attached. She begged for me to save it, and so I rushed back down towards our house screaming for someone to call 9-11. Out of nowhere as I made it towards the underpass(I live near a highway) a police car pulled up to me and I could see my girlfriend’s parents in the back of the police car. I asked what had happened… and then woke up.

It was a very upsetting dream, but the reason that this one stays with me is what happened after I had it.

After I had the dream I was really worried about my girlfriend and I convinced her we should ‘just get the fuck away from everyone.’ We had talked about it before the last time her step-dad beat her up. I wanted to call the cops, but she had two more sisters and she thought that if the cops got involved she might get separated from them.

We asked some older friends to pick us up while we figured out what we should do. One of our older friends also ran away from an abusive family. He said he would could stay at his house temporarily. The first night we were there my girlfriend started having second thoughts and began freaking out. She called home and no one answered. She then got our friend to drive us back to our homes where we saw police cars and an ambulance in front of her house. Apparently her step-dad had gotten drunk and beat the shit out of my girlfriend’s mom. I mean really bad. She had to have reconstructive surgery. When I got home my mom was furious (it was 3am) and she had been apparently worried sick about me. The next morning she was having cramping pains in her stomach. When she went to the doctor has had a miscarriage.

So the reason this was all very strange, was that in a 24 hour window my dream became a reality to some extent. I always think that if I hadn’t taken Marriah that night, she would have been the one who had gotten beaten like that, but my mom wouldn’t have miscarried.

It was a very strange incident.

At 18, my girlfriend was given custody of her sisters. She has a son of her own (not mine). One more strange twist. The son she had, she named Gabriel. The same name my mom was planning to name her baby if it was a boy. I am my mom’s only son, and the two children she had after her miscarriage were both girls.

One more:

I had a crush on this girl at work. Before we started talking I had a dream about her. In the dream we road with my friend to a movie. She was in the front seat with him, and I was in the back seat alone. To me it seemed like I was a third wheel on their date, but when we got to the theater my friend just dropped us off and we went into the theater together.

The only time I was ever in a car with both of them, was the last time I saw either of them. After the first time I tried killing myself they picked me up and drove me home. She was in the back seat, and I was in the front with my friend. It was the same car from the dream. I started crying when I realized it in the car. We changed seats. I still don’t know what it signified, but it was very sad for some reason.

She won’t talk to me anymore, and I refuse to talk with anyone who knew about my suicide.

I don’t believe in clairvoyance, but these are a couple strange moments.

Wow, that whole op is really messed up. I had one in mind, but after that, I really don’t remember what I was going to mention. Jesus. You should talk to someone.

I can’t seem to hallucinate. While I haven’t done extensive amounts of hallucinogens or anything, I’ve done mushrooms and acid enough that I should have an idea what they’re like. But nope; closest thing was at a Grateful Dead show, middle of the afternoon, hot sun, I go to the bathroom after being outside for hours, and look into the mirror at my face, which is now all sunburned, and think ‘wow, I look old’. On the way b ack, walking down the bleacher steps, I looked around and thought ‘yeah, I can see how someone could think you could fly’. But I’ve never seen anything not there. The closest is from sleep dep, and my eyes WILL start seeing things after about 48 hours without sleep. Even that is just things like lines on the floor kind of jittering, or a bush looking like a person out of the corner of my eye for a second; still nothing that’s not actually there. I think I’m too boring to hallucinate.

I do talk to a psychologist and take medication.

I’ve had two sleep paralysis episodes, and two waking dreams:

SP1: Was in the twilight realm of about to wake up but in a sleep haze, and I overheard my parents talking about having just gotten a phone call that my Aunt had died. I struggled to move, but it took several minute until I could force myself up. I ran to my Mom’s room and asked her about it, but it turns out I had imagined it. But I had felt totally mentally alert, and there was no clear transition for me between that experience and actually awakening.

SP2: Was “woken” by a bunch of dark figures surrounding me. I was totally petrified. I thought my eyes were open, but I was unable to move. The figures were aliens. Eventually they faded and I was able to move again and get up.

WD1: Was overtired at a boring chemistry lecture early early in the morning. I started drifting off, literally taking notes in my sleep. I fought it so hard that it wasn’t clear that I had actually fallen asleep until the professor started doing strange things like throwing stuff at the class.

WD2: Another early class, not boring, but still over tired and in very comfy chair. My eyes stayed open but I started dreaming anyway, hallucinating a woman in a rocking char next to me.

I’ve had those dreams where I see the “Dark Lord” too. But the weirdest one was that I was at the Denver Airport. For some reason the place was spattered with blood and in the gift shops all they had were photos of dogs being tortured. I found a phone and tried to call out to get help and figure out where I was but as soon as I picked it up I heard a voice say “Is Winston Churchill here?”

I just said something along the lines of “No, he’s not here, can I take a message?”

The voice repeated “Is Winston Churchill here?”

At this point I yelled “You dummy, he’s dead!” Then I hung up and continued to walk about the airport for a while before I found a guidance counselor who explained to me that I was in Hell. I couldn’t figure out what I’d done to merit eternal damnation so she looked up my records on a nearby computer and discovered that the whole thing was a clerical error–I had the same name as someone who had killed two people in an armed robbery.
She apologized and sent me over to the other side, where I got to look forward to spending eternity chewing gum and watching daytime soap operas.