Share some surnames and let's see if we's kinfolk

I’ve been surprised several times to learn that a longtime friend or acquaintance is also a cousin (usually fairly distant, but no moreso than FDR & Eleanor), due usually to some 19th century ancestors who produced a new baby every third Wednesday. (The record in my family for the same parents is 17 children, though one fertile old man [my g-g-grandfather] had 24 children with 4 consecutive wives, which peoples up a tri-state area with cousins fairly quickly.)

Dopers who are so inclined- share some of your ancestral surnames. You don’t have to say how they’re connected and you can delete any you want to if you don’t want to reveal your identity. A few of my own (alphabetized) that I’m curious if anybody else is related to (most of my families came to America in the 18th century and settled on the southern Atlantic seaboard, though a few came from Ireland much later):

Caton*, Cotton, Darby, DeRamus, Golson, Milner, Rawlinson, Rumph, Trawick**
Does anybody have any of the same surnames among their direct ancestors? (If you don’t but would like to see if you have any shared surnames with other Dopers, feel free to post anyway)

*sometimes spelled Catton (even in the same family)

**sometimes spelled Traywick and Trawik; by some accounts the name was originally Trawisky and was a Polish Jewish family that emigrated to Ireland in the 18th century, though I don’t know the reliability of those claims

Allerton and Brewster, both signers of the Mayflower compact.

we’ve met 8th and 12th cousins …

Saunders, Gray, Bradford, Brewster, Fanning, Colegrove (or Colgrove), Carner, Sarles (or Sarlls, Searles, etc.), Boardman (originally Boreman), Cooper, Millard, and many others that don’t come to mind without my database at hand.


Okay, that’s probably not so much with the helping…

McHenry, Braucher, Beebe, Willden, and McKinney are the only others I remember off the top of my head.

Hey, we’re cousins in the Brewster line!

Reyes, Santiago, Rivera, De la O Millan, Cortes, Martinez, Rodriguez, Morales, Rosado, Hernandez.
That’s mom’s side only, and I didn’t combine them, as most of them are (Morales-Rosado, Martinez-Cortes, etc., for example.)

Spain/Puerto Rico/New York City

Easterland of NC and AL.

Keener of NC

Stafford of NC and AL

Talley from TN

Henderson of MS

William Brewster is my Great x12 Grandfather. What is your relation to him ?
(then we can figure out just what kind of cousins we are)

Doesn’t cousins sort of tail off after 3 or 4 generations?

Since we’re giving a little more detail:

Braucher & McKinney were from Pennsylvania.

McHenry was from Nova Scotia, Willden was from Sheffield, England; I’m not sure where Beebe was from. Johnson was from Denmark. Copenhagen, to be precise, then moved to Utah, then Chatsworth, California.

Some of my cousins reportedly still have their tails. :wink:

It’ll be dang near useless, as my family names are pretty generic.

The grandparents were Murphy & Murphy (not related prior to marriage), and McGrath & Oak. Lynn MA origins, though I understand both sides (except for Oak) came to the US via Portland ME, and moved down to MA.

Lessee here…

(in alphabetical order)

Italian side of the family (from Sicily and Calabria, having immigrated to SE Texas and Canada): Cuccia, Mann/Manno, Palazzola, Rizzotto, Trombatore

Non-Italian side (from Oklahoma and Arkansas): Adams (as in John Quincy), Burton, Oberste

Griffith Hamilton Treadwell Brown Mullins McCoy Smiley Burch Ballard Via Hersent

Kersey, Hiatt, Hunt, Carter, Woolman: PA > NC > IN > KS

George (probably Straughn, Poe and possibly Neal): NC

Domeny, Stevens, Dixon, Cox, Hinshaw, Raines: PA/NC > OH > KS

Cooper, King, Haywood : VA > IN > IL > KS

Dailey, Sellers, Ricker, Shute, Saxon: MA/NY/TN > IL > IN > KS

Fitch, Peabody, Dean, Teeter: RI/CT/NY > IN > KS

Porter, Little, Reynolds: PA > KS

Weikum, Becker, Lahr, Petri: Germany > IL > KS

You have to be a genealogist to understand. A bit of a geek, as well.

I only know names back to my grandparents, so I’ve just got Hume, Cameron, Stormer, and Flynn.

My grandparents are ‘smith’ the most common last name in britain. Good start there.

But my last name is ‘Lobley’ which is on the rare side of ‘rare’. So I doubt there are any related dopers.

Ahem. They is a whole passle -o- Pullins in Yell county (on my Mama’s side). Reckon the place is near full of 'em. Names you’d reckonize, I betcha…

Just thought you’d wanna know… cuzzin :stuck_out_tongue:

My paternal grandmother was McDonald and my maternal was MacDonald. My maternal grandfather was a Leslie, his mother was a Hood as in Hood Canal, part of Puget Sound. My grandfather’s grandfather was one of the early settlers of the west side of Puget Sound, including the name Bremer of which Bremerton got it’s name. My paternal grandfather came to the US from England as a young boy and his family settled in SE Pennsylvania. I learned recently I still have distant cousins in southern England with the names Hastings, Bonney, and Gordon.