Share the short stories that you liked

These has to be from non-popular authors … Please provide a gist of the story . If it is online pl provide a link ( no cut and paste)

I will start with a story I read long ago.
**An ageing temple priest has one last wish. To see the goddess, in person, once before he dies.

One day, a bangle seller takes shelter in the temple premises to escape the scorching heat. A beautiful young lady approaches him and buys some bangles. She tells the vendor to wait for her father who will return shortly and pay him.

The priest returns, and upon hearing the story, realises that it was the goddess who bought these bangles. He goes to the sanctum sanctorum and cries that he spent an entire life for her, but she gave a wandering bangle seller the opportunity to see her in person! He says he will not get up from that position unless she appears to him.

Then, a beautiful hand with those bangles emerges from the water in the temple pond and remains there for sometime for the priest to see it. The priest bow before her**.

I wish I could remember the name of this one, or the author. It appeared in (I think) Analog, between 15 and 20 years ago.

It’s about a Hollywood actress named Daisy. She’s getting ready for a date with an actor named Mick, and making sure she looks her best for the date…she’s really excited about it.

Mick picks her up, and they head to a restaurant, flirting madly with one another. It becomes clear that Daisy already has a boyfriend, Don, but he’s a jerk, whereas Mick is far more attentive to her.

They head back to her house, and start to get it on. Then, things get strange. Mick reaches into Daisy’s panties…with his three-fingered hand? As he touches her, he touches…eiderdown? Huh?? Then, when Daisy says, “what if Donald finds out,” Mick says, “he’ll have to build a better mousetrap.”