Share this year's pumpkins at your house

We did a Tie Fighter and, for the first time ever, a standard face pumpkin.

What did you guys do this year?

those are great!!

Sorry no pictures, but we carved three faces: one scary, one silly, and one dumb.

We got one of those wart-covered pumpkins. It’s sitting on the porch as-is.

I did an anatomical heart.

An Indians “block C” and some bats. Get it? Bats!

Finally gave up on tea lights and plugged those pumpkins in, too.

I like the spiderweb pumpkin cozy.

I have two large pumpkins I meant to carve this weekend, but didn’t get around to. Maybe after work tonight… Mostly I just want to roast the seeds!

My daughter is mad about cats and made me do a cats theme halloween. Puss n boots and grumpy cat are mine. The basic cat face is hers (11yo).