Share your baby/child photos!

Ok the wedding photos thing made me think of something else… KIDS!!! Let’s see pictures of your kids!

and also

Well, here are a few favorites. One is when he was a baby, bald as a cueball and drooling:

The next one was taken about two years later, just last fall:

Here she is.

My Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] is on my homepage - in the My Family album section. The most recent one there is from Bike Week 2001 - but she still looks pretty much the same.

Pictures and movies here.

Don’t have any kids. Here’s me at three.

Fun links, thanks guys! (I’ve got no kids, so no pics…)

Cranky, I LOVE that second picture. I think you linked to it once before. That’s like a picture that would come with a frame!

I think my link broke.

I think it’s just Geocities being lame. If you cut and paste the address, it works just fine. :slight_smile:

Here’s my little cutie:


Owww…quit twisting my arm! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m gonna do what I always do when people start whipping out the baby pics… share pics of my horsie! She has the brain power of a 4 year old! It counts. :slight_smile:

This was a year ago… I’ve grown my hair out since then.

A godawful number of Baby Kate pix are here.

And here’s the most recent.

Don’t forget the portrait gallery…we’ve been cruel!

Wowee, you guys have some seriously cute kids.

LieuLieu wants to play… is there any way to post a pic if you don’t have a website?

Great thread, Opal.

I knew Dopers would have SMART kids. Who knew they’d be so blessed good-looking? There are some fine-lookin’ offspring being sprung. As it were.

OMG! Adorable! The best part is that he looks like he’s giving the Fonzie “Ayyyyyyy!”

My sunshine.

Wait! I just figured out how to do the photo album thing. This look better.

No kid yet, but check the pages below for ultrasounds and Mommy pictures.

Yes, I’m only having one.


Ferrous, it says I’ve entered a restricted area :frowning: