Share your Covidiot stories

On the other hand, I went to my local Trader Joe’s yesterday and have gone almost weekly for a while and my local stores control the number of customers, so we have to wait outside until others leave (although the wait is only about ten or fifteen minutes and we’re separated by six feet while waiting), the employees are masked, no outside bags are allowed and the carts are cleaned before being given to customers.

Walmart has literally thousands of stores. It is deeply idiotic to assume that they are all the same.

He said he got the hell out of THAT store never to return. He never spoke about other stores. I see no relevance to your comment.

Cool! I’ll drive three hours to a “good” Walmart.

I hear you Kayaker. My closest Big Box store is 45 minutes away. And then it just gets further. My Wife and I have done well by cooking at home and we are making some very nice beef filets for X-mas.

My Wife and I are very lucky to be used to an isolated lifestyle. This is not so different for us. Last night we played two games of chess and two games of cribbage (beer supply took a hit) I feel sorry for those folks that are so used to going out to eat and socialize every day. They must certainly feel trapped, or are trapped with a roommate they can’t stand or whatever. That would suck.

You work with Mayor Hancock?

No, just some random postdocs and grad students. “I learned it by watching you” (we are in the Denver area).

More covidiocy. The leader of this group is trying to make things appear as anti-Christian oppression, ignoring the fact that many other churches are meeting online, and groups of any other religion, or none, would run into the same issues.

Nice to see that we here in the States don’t have a monopoly on idiots.

IIRC the massive spreading event that rocked South Korea in the early days after their public health team had almost eliminated COVID was at a some charismatic church led by a nutbag. I say “charismatic” in the sense of a dictatorial cult-like leader and crazed blinkered followers, not necessarily that it was Christian; I don’t recall now and am too lazy to Google.

And I work there.

All Walmarts are supposed to have a “Health Ambassador” posted at the door to remind customers to wear a mask and offer them one of they need it. Corporate has hit my store hard for not doing it right. However, we are not allowed to prevent entry just for refusing to wear a mask, and once inside workers are not to say anything to customers about it. It frustrates the hell out of me.

We are counting customers, but my store is a Neighborhood Market, so we are never in danger of getting close to the limit.

I had the same experience while making an emergency run during a power outage. It was awful. I definitely will not return during the pandemic, but the gross disregard for human life may be enough to keep me out of Walmart permanently.

One of our local supermarkets will not enforce New York City’s masking rules. This isn’t me assuming something based on observation – it’s what the manager actually told me when I asked about it.

They’ll crowd people in until there’s no possibility of proper social distancing, and even here in NYC, there are plenty of assholes who will wear a mask on their chin, or just have a ratty old bandana around their neck that they’ll pull up if absolutely required to, not that this supermarket requires masking.

For anyone in my neck of the woods (Brooklyn Heights), it’s the Key Food on Atlantic Avenue and Clinton Street. It’s a crappy supermarket anyway, but now I won’t go there at all.

The Key Food in my Bklyn neighborhood was disgusting - filthy, unsanitary (haven’t been there in ages, hopefully it’s better now).

I actually called 311 to make a health violation complaint (in the before-times), and supposedly a health inspector was sent out. I also left a yelp review.

Besides calling 311, you can file a complaint online about NY Covid-19 violations at:

which is the " New York State COVID-19 ‘New York on PAUSE’ Enforcement Task Force Violation Complaint Form".

Good luck.

Cases have been soaring in Ontario, which went back to lockdown on Boxing Day.

So what does the provincial Finance Minister do?

Leaves on December 13 for a trip to St. Barts.

But not to worry, he had a series of pre-recorded videos that he posted, for example, showing himself by the fireside in his home for his Christmas Eve message to his constituents.

Didn’t bother telling the Premier that he was travelling internationally while Ontario is struggling to get its numbers down.

Pressure is building on the Premier to can him.

And he’s resigned.

A distant relative was hospitalized for COVID. Her husband left the hospital and immediately went to every populated place he could think of - our cousin’s law firm, until he was thrown out by staff. He then mixed it up with the construction workers outside the building, urging them to give him high fives. Then he hit the family - owned nursing home until he was barred entrance by our uncle.

His wife died.

My only guess is that he knew he was going to lose her and just went into a destructive spiral. All those construction workers now have COVID.

My husband’s entire family is filled with covidiots but that was the most egregious example.

I suppose a “bright side” is at least the guy wasn’t a COVID unbeliever / denialist. He knew it was real. Which is more than can be said for probably 50M Americans.

Seems odd that he wanted to harm so much of his extended family by attacking their businesses.

Has he been arrested yet for reckless endangerment? And how did his personal case of COVID play out?

Not sure if this is covidiocy or sheer malevolence:

A Milwaukee pharmacist was arrested Thursday and accused of “tampering with and causing the destruction” of more than 550 doses of the Moderna vaccine against the coronavirus last week, Grafton, Wis., police confirmed.

In a statement, Grafton Police Department officials said the pharmacist — now fired from the Advocate Aurora Health hospital system — was arrested on recommended charges of first-degree recklessly endangering safety, adulterating a prescription drug and criminal damage to property.

The pharmacist has admitted to deliberately leaving out the vaccine, knowing it would be ineffective and that people would think they’d gotten an effective dose when they had not. 57 people received the destroyed vaccine and have been notified. He has been fired.

And hopefully he will permanently lose his pharmacist license. That will take seemingly forever at the glacial speed of state licensing boards, but it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.