Share your Covidiot stories

I stay in close touch with people at the high school where I taught for 25 years. COVID cases have spiked there the past couple of weeks. Kids wear masks at school. Today is Homecoming. I’m getting lots of photos of the big parade: kids crowded together on floats and flatbed trucks, watchers crowded together on sidewalks. I started asking a former colleague about it, and he got ticked: “They’re teen-agers, dammit! They should be able to ACT like teen-agers!”

Damn. I’m so sorry.

I was at a wedding last Saturday - likely to be one of the last ones to be allowed at that size - and people mostly did their best to stay within the rules and we were all wearing masks when not eating or drinking. However, there was one gaffe. Apparently, throwing rice at the couple is now not done, not sure if that’s due to Covid and contamination risk or due to mess and possible problems for birds, but anyway, no rice. So some genius had decided we were going to blow bubbles at the couple instead and was handing out little bubble blowers. Those work great through a mask…🤦 We were all joking they were meant for testing mask effectiveness.

Just FYI, the “rice is dangerous for birds” thing has been debunked. It was made up and “sounds right” but is absolute rubbish. Have buggy rice? Put it out for the birds!

I ran into a covasshole last week. I was next in line to order some lunch, standing on the circle I was supposed to be on, when this man steps right next to me with no mask. He asks if I’m in line and I say yes, but he doesn’t step away, so I asked if he was trying to get in line and he said yes so I asked him to stand on the circle behind me instead of standing next to me. Boy this pissed him off, but luckily it was my turn to order to I stepped to the register and made my order then made my way to an out of the way corner to wait for my order.

Then after he placed his order he came directly to where I was standing and started saying “Keep your distance, Keep your distance” as he approached me. I just shook my head and moved away.

Just a dumb ass bully from the get go.

“And that’s when I spit on him, your honor.”

Not to mention that plague bubbles were basically popping all over everyone. Ew. (I have no idea if the virus would actually be able to survive in a soap bubble.)

Hadn’t even thought of that! I just thought the taking off of masks and blowing on each other was bad enough.

The worst thing is that these weren’t even deniers or assholes, just someone not thinking things through. At all.

“The spitting was justified. Case dismissed!”

But I was wearing a mask. I’d have rather kicked him somewhere, I think.

Just kidding. Mostly.

Yesterday I was riding the bus home. The front door is blocked off and does not open, so that no one can walk past the driver. For the same reason, ghe first row of seats are blocked off with a red and white plastic chain. A woman decided to start removing one of the chains so she could sit down. The driver calmly explained to her that she’s not allowed to do that, as it is for his protection.

She stopped and went back to her previous spot. So no argument. But she was wearing a mask, so it would seem she is not completely oblivious of the situation. And she spoke and understood German.

Kind of like during the no rice throwing at weddings era some well-intended bridal parties supplied little bags of birdseed instead. Firstly, grain is grain. Secondly, now all your guests have these tiny ball bearings underfoot.

I was disappointed when I walked to the local emporium last night and saw a number of people with their masks below their mouths. The place is a bit of a redneck stomping ground in the big city, but prior to yesterday the mask compliance had been really good (a few not covering their noses which is of course bad but I’m an easy grader (and a lot of the ‘nose’ folks had glasses which can be a fogging problem)).

I can practically make a game of all the people I see on public transit not wearing masks or not covering their noses.

Speaking of which, yesterday my brother called public transit’s disability service and asked them for a card saying he doesn’t need to wear a mask. He has a disability but has no problems breathing, or anything else relevant to mask-wearing. I thought they would challenge him on this but no, they are mailing him a card.

I wear contacts most of the time now but I wear glasses sometimes, such as when I went out yesterday. Yes they fogged up. They need to deal with it, just like in winter.

I literally wear glasses from the time I wake up until I go to sleep. When everything went to shit, I had an awful time with my glasses fogging up. I am adaptable enough that I have learned to make automatic adjustments in glasses and mask to avoid that problem. Its been over half a year, and I’m not a rocket scientist. If I can figure it so can everyone else!

(Make sure the dang thing is tight fitting, remember that elastic stretches, and if nothing else works, fold half a tissue in half and put that under the top edge of your mask.)

Absolutely - I wear glasses myself and have just a basic cloth mask (none of the fancy metal bridge stuff). I don’t actually have the much trouble with fogging, not sure why.

Bolding from me. I might try this. My therapy center started requiring masks on Thursday, so it’s a bit of a challenge to do the cardio portion (I just have to warm up, so 5-10 minutes) with a mask without my glasses fogging up.

Has anyone tried switching from glasses to a monocle?

Move to Arizona. During half of the year – at least – glasses fogging is not an issue.

One thing to keep in mind about glasses fogging excessively is that it’s commonly because the mask is not sealing well around the cheeks and nose. Gaps there, or anywhere, will allow unfiltered air to pass around the mask rather than being filtered through the mask material. This means you are breathing in unfiltered air and releasing unfiltered air into the environment. It is better and safer to have a mask which seals well around the edges so that the air is forced to go through the mask material rather than through gaps along the sides and around your nose. A well-sealed mask will cause the exhaled air to be released more forward rather than up and into your glasses.