Share your Covidiot stories

Early on, I semi-jokingly suggested that my husband should use his full-face (misnomer: covers mouth and nose) CPAP mask, with the short hose still attached and terminating inside his shirt or at least a pocket. I think that would have worked fine! Of course he can’t wear his glasses with the mask on,

Rebel News Media (a far-right Youtube channel and other media) is giving away “mask exemption cards” and will sell you a “professional” one for $10.

No doctor’s note required, of course!

New York just stopped a 10,000 person wedding. Link:

I was in the local IKEA and used one of their massive elevators designed to hold multiple trolleys with large furniture flat-packs. They were all prominently signed “2 Person Maximum”.

Sometimes you’re on auto-pilot. My only post-COVID hotel stay was in August when we were waiting three days for the new A/C to be installed. At one point I left the room, walked a goodly ways to the center, and poked the button on the elevator before I noticed I hadn’t put on my mask. There was a spare in the car but I walked back to the room to get the one there.

Oh, absolutely. I’ve started heading from the car into a store without putting a mask on. So far I’ve always remembered within a few steps but I can easily see getting even further without one.

I suspect it’ll be a long time before we feel as nekkid going out in public maskless as we would going out without pants.

I rip off my mask when I get out of the store. Hopefully I don’t start ripping off my pants! If I don’t stop gaining weight during this pandemic, I could see it happening.

My habit is to put on the mask before getting out of the car, and then not taking it off until I’m back sitting in the car.


I honestly hope the pandemic is long over before this happens.

Yeah, like listening to yodeling.

No, those actually have holes to allow your exhaled air to exit the mask.

Reminds me of the stories about the hanging of pickpockets. These were events that would draw crowds…and the crowds, of course, would draw pickpockets.

Who knew a big diversion was coming!

After a few years in the military where every transition from indoors to outdoors or vice versa involves putting on or taking off a hat, it took about 6 months to not reflexively reach for my head or nonexistent hat at every transition.

But that urge eventually did go away. With lucks masks will be the same way.

Although I’ve said several times here on SDMB that I would not be surprised to be wearing a mask in pubic the rest of my life; 30-ish years if all goes well for me. To my eye COVID has all the earmarks of being a permanent and always deadly feature of the human landscape.

This morning I tried a new little coffee shop to get my hit of caffeine. As I was waiting, out of the side of my eye I saw a half dozen women sitting around a table in the back, and what’s that? One woman with a scroll frame? Another with a hoop?
My people!
I went back and, standing a ways away, asked if the crafting group was open to anyone. Nice older woman said sure! We began talking about needlework. She then asked me to remove my mask so she could hear me better.
Only then did I realize not one of them had a mask on.
While I would love to join a stitch n’ bitch, I noped out of there.

Yes. A couple of times I’ve caught myself walking out of my apartment without a mask to take out the trash (same floor, down the chute, separate bins for recyclables). I realized my error before I’d walked more than a few yards.

Funny, though. I’ve never forgotten to put on a mask when actually leaving my apartment building. I think it’s become, for me, kind of like putting on my shoes.

My mom’s stitch and bitch has moved to Zoom for their meetings. They get the bitchin’ and the stitchin’ in just fine, and no one is taking risks for it.

My covidiot story is more of the icing on the cake since there were so many people outdoors without masks on the trails in the parks I visited a few weeks ago. Most of the time it probably wasn’t dangerous since the time I, a single walker, was next to them was small (except when we were in the canyons of Bryce Canyon national park which are surrounded on 3 sides with hundred foot walls, which may as well be indoors.)

I was walking on a trail where there was some maintenance being done and a temporary grass path was marked. Walking back, there was a party of 5 people walking through the barely-dry concrete, even though they had to have seen the signs telling them to go around. And they of course weren’t wearing masks. And they were elderly, which only makes a difference because it means they most likely weren’t all living together which means they should still be wearing masks.

My family and I have gone for walks in places where a mask didn’t seem necessary: outdoors, wide paths. So we didn’t. Then found they got narrower and crowdeder as we went, definitely leaving me feeling underdressed.

We’re doomed. Truly doomed.

Schools really need to be doing random testing of the students. Lots of people will avoid testing for a variety of reasons, such as no time, no money, no symptoms, minor symptoms, etc. Counting on the school families to be proactive testing is guaranteed to fail. This Mom Code is just one more way that people will avoid testing on top of all the other reasons people don’t get tested. There were times during allergy season where I had minor symptoms, but I didn’t want to go through the hassle of a doctor’s visit, getting the test, paying for a test, etc. just to see if it was cedar or CV19. I can’t imagine busy families doing the same unless they really knew their kid had it. So until testing is free and easy, we can’t really be too surprised that people aren’t going out of their way to be tested.

Really, schools need to be designed to function even if there are infected people on campus. Maybe that means everyone wears PPE like medical workers in the ICU, but at least then we’d be better able to keep everyone safe on campus.