Share your Covidiot stories

I posted this in the current MMP thread, but I think it fits here too.

My thought is that Big O must be a real joy to work with.

Standing in line for my Covid shot, the person behind me kept moving closer until I pushed my cart between us and told him to stay that far away. I could clearly see the butt-hurt look on his maskless face.

Another type of Covidiot: The people who must be thinking “The police don’t want to take the risk of contracting the illness so I can drive like a maniac and not worry about getting a ticket.” I hadn’t realized how bad things were getting until yesterday when I had to take a long drive and saw how many people were recklessly cutting in and out of traffic - much worse than in 2019. It’s no wonder that accidents are up even though there are fewer people on the road. Is it this bad on the interstates?

Mistermage told me today one his people we’ll call “Connie” came in to his shop office area that he shares with our oldest son, wandered around the shop talking to people, did some work and then chatted with one of the actual office people. During that conversation Connie casually mentioned her 2 daughters that live with her had tested positive the day before. Office HR lady sent her home until she gets tested. Connie has been vaccinated but no one else in the shop has (300? people).

Now that you mention it, Highway 64 into Nash County, NC is an absolute nightmare in the mornings now. As soon as you cross the county line, most traffic increases speed by at least 10 MPH. Strangely enough, the typical speed traps don’t seem to be in place anymore.

I went in for my first shot yesterday at a mass vaccination site. There was a flight of stairs from the parking garage to the entrance. I guess people were excited to get their shots, because they lost their freaking minds about distancing. Everyone was crowding together to go up the stairs like we were being let into a rock concert. Once up at the entrance, most people recovered their wits and spread out, but the guy behind me kept about a foot and a half distance as we were going through the rope line maze. We were walking along pretty steadily for a while, and I got more and more annoyed. Finally the line stopped for a minute, and I was going to tell him to back the hell up. I turned around, looked at him about a foot away, then leaned out to see if he could back up. There was no room, so I didn’t say anything. He stayed back after that though.

Over all, it was well run and a good experience, but there were also numerous instances of volunteers not giving proper distance. Like, they would direct me to go somewhere that would make me go too close to them, but they wouldn’t step back so I could do it with safe distancing. It was weird.

Final covidiot – the Walgreens clerk who was wearing a plastic face shield. Most places have banned those, I thought. Even worse, it fastened around her neck rather than her forehead, so when she turned her head, it didn’t move with her, and her face was only about half covered. I had confidence in my own mask, but I did marvel at the idiocy.

I’ve never seen one worn in such a unique way, but there’s a lady at the local Harris Teeter who wears a face shield with no mask. Sometimes she’s a cashier, and sometimes she’s a bagger…and she can never keep her hands off her face. :rage: She rubs her eye or nose, then grabs your groceries…

It was designed that way. Like the first one here:

:open_mouth: That design would be hilarious if it didn’t completely defeat the purpose.

There was a homicide in the area last week. The body was found at Semiahmoo Park. The late owner’s van (which was later recovered) was spotted at a gas station in Bellingham, and there were pictures of the suspect. Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office posted pics on Facebook.

Someone commented: ‘Those are some good clear pics. Just think how much easier it would be to identify this person if they didn’t have a stupid mask on.’

Yep. Someone just had to take a swipe at protective measures.

For Covidiot of the Week, I nominate Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Oklahoma), who continually tried to browbeat Dr. Faucci about “individual liberties” and “constitutional rights” while Jordan’s flimsy, ill-fitting mask slipped beneath his own nose and stayed there.

I know this Covidiot (Or just leave off the Cov) was merely grandstanding–Why try to tussle with a public health expert on constitutional issues?–but using the pandemic to do so is pretty stupid. I have GOP friends in Oklahoma, and they’re embarrassed by this guy.

Ohio, not Oklahoma. But hey, I’m in New York and I am embarrassed by him too.

I had to go to the supermarket for a prescription medication yesterday. I could see the pharmacist behind the counter slide his mask off, then proceed to pour my liquid medication from the manufacturer’s bottle into the pharmacy’s bottle - back and forth a few times. (No, he wasn’t holding it at arm’s length.) He then capped the bottle, bagged it, put his mask back on, and brought it to me.

Er, thanks for breathing all over what I’m going to be picking up and then dispensing into my mouth. I trust you had your temperature checked this morning.

Good thing I had my Johnson & Johnson inoculation 27 days ago.

(Same pharmacy, I’ve seen them drop the cap onto the floor - then just pick it up and screw it back on the bottle.)

Seems strange to keep patronizing that place.

LSLGuy: You are correct. Time to find another pharmacy.

In this instance, the medication was unusual and it was VERY hard to find a local pharmacy that had it in stock. I didn’t want to even wait 24 hours for overnight delivery.

I’ve posted before about the knuckleheadery of our shared-wall neighbors.

Yesterday they set up a bouncy house in their backyard (which is so small it could barely accommodate the bouncy house). I guess it was for a kids’ birthday party. All day long the bouncy house was filled with unmasked kids all sealed in together, shrieking and crashing in to one another. All the attending adults were crowded together in the one small patch of ground left clear. They were all unmasked and drinking steadily for hours and laughing in each other’s faces. As the day progressed and the adults got more drunk, they joined the kids in the bouncy house and were at it for an hour or more.

I can’t think of a more efficient virus-exchanging event than a sealed-up plastic enclosure full of unrelated, yelling drunks mixed up with a dozen or so shrieking children. It’ll probably be a superspreader event, but undocumented because it was a private party in someone’s backyard.

A woman I know (was good friends with her husband, who took his own life 18 years ago) came to my business in March. She didn’t want to wear her mask, said she had trouble breathing with it on. I explained that, for the safety of myself and my employees, I had to insist on mask wearing.

She lost it, called me an asshole, stormed out, etc. A week later I hear that she was hospitalized with COVID-19. I didn’t hear any updates until this morning. Her son texted me that his mom had passed away from pneumonia.

Sorry that was your last encounter with her, but it’s a good thing you stood your ground!

I don’t know what business you are in, and maybe you did more but are posting a summary, so I don’t mean this as a criticism.

I do wonder how often people confronting customers over wearing a mask get caught up on insisting on mask use, and forget to say, if you can’t wear a mask, we will accommodate you by taking your order outside from a distance, or over the phone or by computer, etc. where those are possible.

ADA accommodations don’t cease, but it is not reasonable to put employees and other customers at risk by letting someone inside an enclosed space without a mask. So, different accommodations may be required.

Local Starbuck’s has signs requiring masks for inside, drive-up, and outside service.