Share your Covidiot stories

I’m sorry to hear about your favorite office specialist. Here’s hoping she pulls through.

What precautions has your office been taking so far? Everybody’s masked up, I take it?

The vast majority of us have not been in office since March 2020. There are 8-10 “dream team” people who have been in office throughout the pandemic, managing all the documents / mail / dropped off payments. We still are not open to have clients walk in, and management is still working on how to automate more of the dead tree processing to reduce the team even further.
Like many other places, we had mandatory masking, then this past early summer we went to “masks if you’re not vaccinated”, then we went back to mandatory masks a few weeks ago.
Whether people in office have been following policy, who knows?
In the before times, these two coworkers had cubes right next to each other. Supposedly, when we were all booted, management basically carved our floors into one worker only sections, where no one was anywhere near another. They did not allow reception duties to be brought upstairs, though, so they remained in close contact when downstairs.
The person who has opted to retire rather than get vaccinated has said she follows policy.

During the quarantine, our office moved to a new location. All of us office workers have been working from home since March 2020, just like you MissTake. The shop guys have been there, and masked.

As far as I know, we don’t have a vaccine policy. I’ve been vaccinated. We are having a “grand opening” Oct 13th. A couple of my team including me has to go to Orientation beforehand to learn about shop rules (where we need hardhats, steel-toes, etc.) and receive our Badge. There will be breakfast, tours, and lunch.

Oh, joy! I’ll have to wear pants, and shoes, and a muthafuckin BRA! The HORROR!!!

I do not want to go back to working in an office with the scum that don’t even wash their hands after using the bathroom.


You have my sincere sympathy. But if you are wearing a mask you don’t need to deal with make-up, so that’s gotta be something, right?

I have a friend who works at the Dept. of Economic Security (food stamps, unemployment, child support, etc.) office in town. We have lunch together a couple of times a month so I get to kinda keep up on the gossip. This week included the news that masks are no longer required by staff or clients and the state certainly will NOT mandate vaccinations, bring COVID vaccinations with the yearly flu shot nurse visit* or give time off for employees to get vaccinated.

One lady, who was on track to retire in two years is living with her 80 something father. She choose to quit her state job and start working at Safeway because she felt she would be at less risk of bringing COVID home to her dad that way.

We are in the QZ and poor @Aspenglow has already had to scold me often enough for bringing politics here so I’m not going to say what I really think about Arizona’s murdering Covidiot in charge.

*You make your appointment online and then the state allows you two hours to walk to the meeting room, get your shot and then go fuck around for an hour an a half.

This is mind-boggling. They bring in a nurse and the flu vaccine every year, but they won’t bring in the COVID vaccine? And they no longer require masks? It’s like they’re trying to ensure their employees get sick. I hope your friend stays safe.

The state has a “Healthy Employee” plan (or something like that, I forgot the name) where they sign up and meet specific goals each year for points. When they get enough points, a certificate is printed and they get a $300 bonus on their next check. The goals included such things as getting a flu shot, having their annual check up, taking a CBT on healthy eating, etc. It’s very simple, most folks get their bonus by the middle of the year. Had I quit smoking while I was working, that would have entitled me to the bonus all by itself.

You don’t get points for getting your COVID shots.

Huh. So they’re hoping people are very, very healthy when they get COVID, end up in an ICU, and spend their last hours comatose and on a ventilator. How thoughtful!

Maybe we need a mole in the Qanon world to start a new CT, the COVID Soros virus; vote Republican and die. The bamboo ballots from China are infused with the virus just in the R bubbles. You touch your pen to it, the virus goes right up the pen into your fingers and thus into your bloodstream. Ivermectin and UV lights don’t help because they’re in your gut and up your ass, respectively.

You should see the copy of the memos I have between officials of the Democratic Strategic Alliance. Apparently, they do everything on paper as emails are too easy to hack and track. I don’t have all of the memos, but it’s clear there is a discussion of their strategy to reduce the number of Conservative voters (The Democratic Vote Enhancement Program). The Democrats know that the most radical Conservatives (primarily Trump supporters and those politicians who curry favour with Trump) will A) disbelieve anything and everything Democrats say; and B) will always do the opposite of what a Democrat recommends. The strategy outlined in the discussion is to promote the Covid vaccine as a means to protect one’s self from the virus – which, in fact, it is very good at. By urging everyone to be vaccinated, Democratic and Liberal voters will be protected. Conservative voters eschew the vaccinations, become infected, and die; thus reducing the number of people likely to vote for Republican candidates.

These memos would be incredibly damaging to the Democratic Party, even being copies of copies of copies of redacted copies. That’s why I have them in a place so safe, I cannot easily get to them myself.

You mean the Democratic Election Litigation Termination Action

Yeah, if I saw that I’d peg them as fakes.

Pretty sure I saw somewhere that the number of Covid deaths in Florida now (as of a few months ago?) exceeds the margin by which DeSantis was elected.

Here’s a prime Covidiot story from the sports world

Ex-Yankee shortstop DiDi Gregorius, now with the Phils is having a crappy year and has been out of the lineup due to injury. He blames pseudogout in his elbow, a type of arthritic condition caused by a type of calcium crystal buildup, on his being vaccinated against Covid.

Now, a number of things can cause pseudogout - such as aging, genetics and prior surgery or other trauma, not vaccines.

Lo and behold, Gregorius previously had Tommy John surgery on that elbow, and also fell and injured it last April. But his troubles now? Gotta be the vaccine.


Ivermectin abuse in Oregon.

Another day, another anti-vaxxer death. As the delta variant continues to spread across the country, anti-vaxxers are not only filling up hospitals but facing death. Almost every day, news of a popular anti-vaxxer being hospitalized or dying as a result of COVID-19 seems to make headlines.

In the most recent incident, two YouTubers from Alabama who were popular for online resale tips died as a result of COVID-19 days after they posted a video confirming they would never get vaccinated, reported. “We are ALIVE and still Reselling on eBay,” the couple said in their last video.

According to a GoFundMe page set up by their children, Dusty died Thursday after battling COVID-19 for three weeks. His wife had “passed suddenly in her sleep” weeks earlier due to coronavirus complications on Aug. 25.

“Still haven’t gotten the you know what,” Dusty said before mimicking a syringe jab. “Still not planning on getting it.”

“I’ve got my own passport. It’s called the ‘Bill of Rights.’ I think this will be all behind us in a couple of years,” Dusty continued, referring to his birth certificate. His comments were made around the 41:30 mark.

“I think this will be all behind us in a couple years,” Dusty added. “Then they’ll be like you don’t need that anymore,” referring to vaccine passports.

Well, he’s not going to need his.

People are donating token amounts to post things like “funerals are expensive, the vaccine is free”. I think that’s probably a waste of money, the kids aren’t going to read the comments, they are just going to spend the sweet, sweet money.

"As terrible as it is that one in 500 Americans have died of Covid, it’s still much easier to have gone through the pandemic without having a close friend or family member die of it than it would be if the toll were one in 50, says


New York Times Opinion Writer.

Do they pay for this sort of thing? I mean gee, it would just be so much worse, if it was so much worse.

Why am I not surprised:

Last night my wife and I said “screw COVID for one night” and went out to dinner for our 30th anniversary which was earlier this week. We wore masks into and out of the restaurant, but had them off while we were seated. We chose this particular restaurant because they have a lot of space, and yet we got seated within 10’ of a table with a family of six, and halfway through dinner they seated another couple in the booth behind us (there was a plexiglass partition between booths). Our waiter did not wear a mask - in fact I only saw one restaurant staff member (a manager?) wearing one. So hopefully we don’t turn out to be Covidiots for trying to do something nice on our anniversary.

I went out to dinner in Chicago and the restaurant took our temperature when we checked in (with the gun-thermometer-thing they point at your forehead…no touching).

Everyone was masked. We took our masks off to eat and drink (of course).

When the waiter came to our table they stood 5’ away and politely (no fuss) waited for us to put our masks on before approaching the table.

They also charged a surcharge of 3% to, as they put it, keep things clean. You could refuse the surcharge.

Clearly different places are different. Probably not surprising.