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The number of conservatives killed so far is less than 1 percent of the vote that Trump received last November.

Not sure where your numbers are from but Trump won North Carolina by less than a percentage point and several states were less than a percentage point the other way.

I am reminded of a comment about the “trophy collection” of a faith healer including many abandoned canes and crutches but not one single prosthetic limb or glass eye.

Maybe the virus is annoyed at those who say it doesn’t exist and is weeding them out?

I think it’s very… interesting that the virus seems to be mostly killing the unvaccinated. It’s as if they planned it that way!

LAPD officers threaten mass resignations over vaccine mandates.

In addition to the public health advantages, turns out vaccine mandates are a great way to weed stupid assholes out of law enforcement agencies. Win-win!


Yeah. “Less than 1 percent of the vote that Trump received” sounds like a very small number, but it isn’t necessarily small compared to Trump’s margin of victory in some places.

It’s about damn time we started getting hostile to the unvaccinated.

Nicki Minaj says her cousin’s friend got swollen testicles from the vaccine, and totally not because he was cheating and got an STD.

Got a link to the medical journal article where she shows the evidence for this?

It was from a talk given by Dr. Simone Adamley at the Bueller Academy. Here’s a clip:

I hear that Trump University is aggressive about collecting fees for even linking to its archives.

It’s almost like they dare covid to come after them…

Another Anti-Mask, Anti-Vax Conservative Radio Host Dies of COVID (

Regarding that guy, “Remember, this is the lovin’ Christian supplicant who on his now-defunct TV program, Bob Enyart Live, used to gleefully read obituaries of AIDS sufferers while cranking ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ by Queen, a combo whose lead singer, Freddie Mercury, succumbed to the same malady. (‘Listen to the words of that song, and you’ll understand why I did it,’ says Enyart, as if his motives are somehow puzzling.)”

Ironically, this is the first time I’ve posted one of these recently without the preface “And another one gone, and another one gone,” because I was debating whether it was over the top. Well, now I know.

My wife saw a Facebook post from a former coworker, whose wedding we attended a few/several years ago. The husband is on a ventilator. We don’t know their vaccination status, but my wife said ‘They’re just the kind of people who wouldn’t be vaccinated.’

Boo-fucking-hoo. :rage:

The baby died. The mom is still critical and in the hospital. A 2-year old and a 7-year old at home, the latter COVID-positive.

Complete headline:
A pregnant woman hospitalized with covid miscarried her baby. Her husband regrets that they weren’t vaccinated.

In retrospect, Guevara said he “shouldn’t have listened” to other people’s opinions about the vaccine, including those who questioned why he needed it. Once those seeds of doubt were planted, they took root.

“Different people told me different stories,” he told The Post. “Why get something that I don’t need? It was just me being stubborn.”

Guevara said he plans to get vaccinated as soon as he can — and he encourages others to do the same.

“Wear your mask and get vaccinated as soon as possible. Don’t even think about it,” he said. “People are going to regret it just like me.”

Sitting in the hospital waiting on a planned procedure, and in the bay next to me is a loud conversation. So far I’ve learned:

  • Covid is real, all of those people didn’t die for no reason.
  • Covid is some kind of conspiracy designed to thin the population, this is true because:
    • The vaccines were ready so fast, they must have already been developed before the pandemic.
    • Vaccines don’t work the way we’ve been told, because that is too simple—-disease treatment is really complicated.
  • The vaccines were developed too quickly, so we can’t know they’re safe.
  • Normal people don’t need vaccines.
  • “It’s ok Mom, your old, so I’m glad you got vaccinated.”

At least she’s wearing a mask.

Found out today one of my favorite office specialists was put on a ventilator today, due to covid. It’s a sad situation, as she’s only in her early 30’s, and has a young child. I don’t know her vax status. She has been one of the “dream team” who’s been in office almost every day throughout the pandemic.

The person who told me is retiring in a few weeks because she refuses our agency’s vax or weekly test requirement that goes into effect 10/01. She makes no bones about her refusal to be vaccinated.

And she’s also been in office almost every day, working right next to the woman now in hospital.