Share your drug experiences

I have a non-school-related project which involves giving people an impression of what it’s like to be on various drugs. I’m aware that experiencing a drug and having it described are significantly different but it’s my only good option. I am not keen to go out and do them all because of the legal and health risks involved, especially since I already take prescription amphetamine.

I am curious about your drug experiences, specifically the aspects which relate to your perceptions, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The invitation to share drug experiences is not really about having a laugh at hilarious stories but rather about developing empathy for altered states of mind.

I think it would help me and others understand better if we could see reasonably accurate depictions of what it’s like to be on a given drug like a drawings, Youtube videos or movie segments.

Do you work for Law Enforcement?

There is a Dutch TV show called “spuiten en slikken” which is about drugs and sex… in the first seasons they had on of the presenters test all types of drugs under the supervision of healthcare professionals. In other words: exactly what you are talking about, maybe there is a version with subtitles or something like that.

No, and since law enforcement agents are forbidden to lie when asked this question, you can trust me, that’s how it works.

More seriously, if you search the threads I’ve started, you’ll see that either A) my posting history is not congruent with my being a US law enforcement agent or B) I’ve put in 5 years and 4500 posts into establishing my cover before finally asking this question.

Check your local library for a copy of Ernst Jünger’s Approaches.

Read de Quincey for opium, Burroughs for heroin, Castaneda for peyote and mescaline, and Shulgin for, well, a whole bunch of other drugs.

With regards to LSD, I can strongly recommend the following article, which primarily deals with LSD used in palliative care on terminally ill cancer patients.

Choice quote:

There is also this article, dealing with Dr. James Fadiman’s work on “microdosing,” i.e. the intake of small, sub-psychedelic doses of LSD.

Choice quote:

May I ask what the project is all about?

Of course, if CCitizen believes this, he might also be interested in that bridge you’d like to sell him.

Deep cover.


I think I’ll wait another five years.

But thanks for the offer, anyway.

Good resource. And on a related note, this forum should have stuff as well: Drugs-Forum

(Over 350 people are currently viewing the “cocaine and crack” sub-forum right now!)

This. Or maybe try asking on a message board like Bluelight.

Erowid, Drugs-forum, and Bluelight are where I get a LOT of my “How can my patients’ use this medication to completely destroy their or their families/friends/strangers lives?” for what it’s worth. I’m skeptical that some of the things I’ve read on at least one of those sites is even humanly possible. Sure, alprazolam 1mg has it’s legitimate uses. taking 12mg to experience euphoria, probably not one of them. :smiley:

My Drug Experience

I came home one night and found out that my fucking junky neighbor broke into my apartment and stole some cash (mostly a coin collection) to feed thier addiction. It made me feel pretty goddamn angry.

Experimentation to see what interesting art can be made with expressionist and/or surrealist CGI.

what is drugs?

This gentleman did thirty self-portraits on thirty different drugs, might be of interest to you.

But, hey, maybe you should limit yourself to a specific drug, or at least a certain type of drug? Might make the project somewhat more manageable.

I’m never gonna try bath salts.

Thank you very much for this link.

I rather like these:

The potsbury boy:

Yayo pushes drawing to the limit:

Ssssspeed helpssss sssketching:

At this stage, I’m seeing what’s out there, what might be interesting, what elements tend to compose the effects of psychoactive drugs. I might end up taking the more interesting aspects of different drugs and combining them.

I’m particularly interested in audio and visual sensory distortions and hallucinations since those are most amenable to giving a strong, immediate impression.

This sort of stuff from the 6:45 mark for example: Experiencing Psychosis with Digital LSD - YouTube I’d like to know if it’s representative of what might be experienced on some drugs.

Perhaps I should go on about my own experiences.

On mushrooms, I listened to this song which I enjoy when sober: - YouTube
I was sitting in a chair while listening to it, my body felt like it moved wave-like with the music.

I also found some criminal case law summaries funny.

Granted, these are not audio and visual sensory distortions and hallucinations. That’s partly why I’m looking for other people’s experiences. I can only remember one time where I had unusual sensory distortions: After smoking pot, the muscles fibers in the steak I was eating looked like worms so I had the impression I was about to eat a compacted mass of worms.

That man did a lot of portraits on a lot of drugs that are not in any way recreational. I mean that both in the sense that a lot of them are so not-fun that people choose to deal with the disembodied voices in their heads rather than take them, and also in the sense that one of them is an antibiotic which, so far as I know, has never been known to prompt any kind of altered state.

Someone sent me a link to the project a long, long time ago. I am neither a doctor nor a pharmacologist, but I took it apart for him anyway. Anyone who does do this professionally, feel free to let me know if I got anything wrong and I will gladly make corrections.

I have had a great many notable drug experiences, but mainly because I have some kind of wonky metabolism, and many common ones don’t work right. My experience with opioids, for instance, is that they do fuck-all. I told the doctor what happened when I tried beta blockers, and was met with a gentle reminder that I am allowed to call 911. My medical history has a small novella in the “medication allergies” section.

Or heroin, which apparently leads to being humped by a small elephant.