Share your experience with f.lux

Please share your personal experiences with f.lux ?

Is that like some new form of the bloody flux?

I had never heard of f.lux until very recently when I saw it mentioned in a thread asking for shared experiences with it. I looked it up on Google and saw that it’s some kind of software application that adjusts the display colors automatically based on time of day. It didn’t sound like something I needed, and made me think of “transition lens” sunglasses which reminded me of my father, who used to wear them, and whom I didn’t much like, and who’s dead. I wasn’t sure if all this was too much information, and I knew it wouldn’t be of any help, but I put it all in my reply and then didn’t post any more to that thread about f.lux.

f. lux ruined my life.

I do not have any experience. However my go to place for all questions regarding apple is MacRumors. It is a great site with loads of info and forums. There are many posts regarding f.lux and the users seem to like it.

OK. I downloaded and installed f.lux on my mac (they also have it for iphones and PC’s) It is dark outside now and when I activated f.lux it lowered the brightness level and tinted the screen a tiny bit golden. Very nice so far. Supposedly the app will adjust automatically based on the time and where you are.

I’ve used it for quite a while, and it seems to serve its purpose. If I need to do something with photos, I disable it for an hour.

Since I’m on my iPad 95% of the time though, I can’t say it’s helped my sleep.

Maybe they have it for the iPad. I should check.

I’ve used it on my primary laptop for a few years. I like it.

I wish Apple would open up and let them make an iOS version.

I can’t use ALT codes. Sometimes it just randomly stops working and I have to uninstall it and reinstall it.

I first heard of it reading a news note somewhere that iOS was out or soon would be (Google news a few hours ago).

I’ve used it for a few years now and it works very well for me. Coupled with a lot of other changes in my life to avoid blue or bright lights at night and seek them out during the day, my sleep is a lot better and more regular.

At first, the “warm” color at night is pretty unfamiliar and off-putting, but you’ll get used to it and eventually it feels very natural. Now when I occasionally turn off f.lux late at night to do something where accurate colors matter, looking at the unadjusted monitor feels like staring at an arc welder. I have to take several minutes to let my eyes and brain re-adjust to tolerate the brighter, bluer display.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work well on my Surface Pro 3 (some conflict with the graphics driver I think) and there’s nothing comparable for Android.

I use my laptop 99% of the time to watch tv and movies while in bed, before I fall asleep. I put f.lux on it a couple years ago and … it’s there.

The computer is bright in a dark room but I bet it’d be *hella *bright without f.lux toning it down.

…and then he wants a glass of milk?

I had it on my laptop and it was fairly unobtrusive. I got a new laptop and haven’t installed it yet. Not feeling a big difference in my sleep or eye strain or anything.

So it might not help very much but it didn’t seem to pose any problems either.