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I was chatting with a neighbor the other day about cleaning toilets. Sparkling conversation, no? Okay. Anyway, she told me she started using The Works on her toilets. It’s a liquid cleaner.

I tried it, and it works great. My toilet bowls have never looked better. It even got rid of some stains that Comet and bleach left behind.

Another fairly new product I’m happy with is Glad’s Forceflex garbage bags. The garbage guys probably hate me. We’re allowed two bags a week, and these things hold a ton without ripping!

And I’m loving Pagoda’s Asian Sensations, their egg rolls. If you do them in the oven rather than the microwave, they’re darn close to restaurant quality.

I’m still looking for a scooping cat litter that doesn’t leave a cloud of dust when you pour it into the box.

Anything mundane make you happy lately?

Well, there’s the Easter Turducken, made from 3 kinds of Easter candy.

For our upcoming wedding, we hope that one of our gifts is a Kapoosh Cutlery Block. It’s something you really have to go play with in the store.

I had never tried Folex Carpet Cleaner until someone mentioned it in a thread similar to this one. All I can say is “Wow!”. It gets everything out of the carpet. I even have two cats, and anyone who has tried to remove cat food barf knows how difficult that is to remove.

Neutrogena mineral makeup is also quite good (decent coverage, without being obvious). The packaging however, sucks. I just pried it apart with a nail file and put the product in another container…viola!

I am the new owner of a Roomba (which I immediately named R2-D2). It’s the Scheduler version.

I can honestly say that it is the best product I’ve bought since Tivo. I can’t believe how much this thing picks up. It totally creams dog hair. And it gets under the bed and furniture.

It’s unbelievable. I have a hard time not pitching it to everyone within 15 feet whenever I have more than 2 beers.

The Doctor

I recently discovered Trader Joe’s frozen creme brulee. Fantastic!

Boston Market’s sirloin dip sandwich. Very, very good.

Intense Pulsed Light treatments for broken blood vessels on my cheeks. My skin has never looked so great!

My new miracle product is Max Factor’s Lash Perfection mascara. The mascara itself is nothing special, but the brush is DA BOMB! The bristles are either silicone or plastic and look like a christmas tree. They are rigid and don’t flex like the more traditional mascara bristles. This means that the lashes are evenly coated with mascara and are separated from each other, with no clumping. I wish the mascara was better but I’m very happy with the results.

I recently bought a George Foreman grill. 20 bucks at Target and it’s the perfect size for just me. Burgers, fish, chicken, veggies…I actually look forward to cooking. It’s a cinch to clean up too.

For cleaning, I am a devoted slave to Greased Lightning. Things I had no idea were dirty get clean with that stuff. I sprayed it on a particularly tough stain on a shirt over the sink… an hour later the sink has this shiny, gleaming area of chrome! It got those pesky yellow stains around the armholes of tighter shirts out too. Damn near miraculous!

I’ll second the George Foreman grill. Awesome to grill steaks and chops and not have a huge mess or heat up your whole kitchen.

Also I very much love my Gillette Intuition razor for shaving my legs, even if the refills are expensive. It’s almost impossible to cut yourself with it, and it works underwater, without any soap or shaving gel.

Let me also tell you of the miracle of 'Miss Meringue’s Minis. Lovely little meringue cookies which have 0 fat, 0 cholesterol and only 110 calories for 13 cookies! Accept no substitute brands, though. The others I tried were not as good.

If you don’t mind, can you tell us what the cost is on this? I’m sure it varies by location, but a ballpark figure would be great. I’ve got some broken capillaries I’d LOVE to get rid of, but I always assumed it would cost way too much to do.

I love love love Johnsons Holiday Skin

I loate fake tan, and especially the effort that goes in to making sure you don’t look like an oompah loompah. However, its been a long winter, and good grief if I was any paler, I’d be blue. This smells like ordinary body lotion, doesn’t streak, makes you nice and soft, and has a little bit of fake tan in it, so it builds up a little bit of colour at a time.

Can’t recommend it highly enough!

These are the absolute shiznit. They seem to come out of the can easier when full for some reason too. They just need to beef up the handle/tie dealies, because more garbage = more weight.

Freschetta Pizza: Very good straight out of the box. Suprisingly good actually.

The Works: awesome stuff.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: scarily effective.

Tivo: live without it is not worth living. You don’t have one? You think I’m crazy? Get one, join the Borg!

Pantene Pro-V: my god, I have hair! Not a mass of stringy, split pseudo-hair.

Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub I love it so much I was overdoing it had to force myself to use less at a time; the tube at Walmart is just inder $5 but it’s worth it.

After moving another dog into a single-dog house, we had some territory issues. Those issues resulted in what appeared to be an ongoing pee contest upstairs, in a carpeted area. SO GROSS. After using all kinds of cleaners trying to get it out (vinegar, OxyClean, carpet cleaner and upholstery cleaner), and other products to mask the smell, I finally cracked and tried… Urine Gone.

It works! Plus, free blacklight. Yay! No more pee smell or even evidence of pee upstairs. Better yet, it enabled me to make my best-ever express lane purchase at the store: a bottle of Urine Gone and a head of cabbage. Awesome.

So, that stuff does work? Awesome. My MIL has been considering it for her elderly, incontinent dog, but wasn’t sure if it was a ripoff or not.

Yeah, we had a sofa we were about to give up on. A cat that we took in decided that it was the bathroom and the resulting pee odor was scarily tenacious. We tried Fabreze, O, and about 10 other products. Urine Gone fixed it right up. No smell at all anymore.

Their marketing is so cheesy, though, I figured it had to be a scam at first.

Yeah, it’s way spendy… for the average of 5 treatments, it’s about $2,000. However, I’m getting it because mine are very, very fine, and the regular old Iridex laser won’t work when they’re that tiny. Iridex laser is a lot cheaper, you could probably get them all done for around $400, if they’re big enough for it. If they’re small like mine, you may be able to find a kindly dermatologist that offers it that, if you plead your case, may give you a discount on the IPL. They set their own prices, so they can charge whatever they want. I work for a derm, so mine are free. And it’s great advertising for them, because I’m telling everyone!

Ooooh, you’re just simply too fortunate! Spread some of the wealth! :cool:

I hate my veins on my face, they look like I’ve given a few too many bj’s. haha.

I’m really liking just about anything Trader Joe’s lately. Makes me want to shame Safeway somethin’ fierce. Seems like I get out of there going “wow, I just saved some bux!” every time. I’m currently hooked on their garlic hummus and pita crackers. mmm, hummus

Can I say what I hate here? Redundant, yes.

I hate my Shark Professional Cordless Sweeper. It sucks, well, actually it doesn’t and that’s the problem. I bought some Susie Coelho rugs from Mervyns that shed horribly awfully extra bad and this vac does nothing but blow the fuzz around. Piece a crap.

I’ve just recently discovered Mario Badescu skin care products. I always thought the ads in Glamour and Cosmo were kinda cheesy (particularly the ones with Cher), so I never tried it. But, I’m so glad I did. The products feel great and they leave my skin soft and clear. The best part is that the ingredient lists are short (generally less than 10) and I can identify most if not all of the ingredients. Oh, and it doesn’t cost much more than the stuff you get at the drugstore. :slight_smile: