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Downy Wrinkle Releaser

It works on everything! I spray my sheets once I put them on the bed and smooth them out. I use it to de-wrinkle 100% cotton shirts (unless you like creases down the sleeves and that freshly pressed look). I’ve even used it on jeans.

Plus, it makes everything smell laundry-fresh.

It’s freedom in a spray bottle (freedom from ironing, that is).

I hate ironing.

Yeah! Like PoorYorick, I thought the marketing for it indicated it was crap, but I bought it out of desperation. So, horrible advertising, but effective product.

I really like Bare Minerals makeup. Actually just the “foundation”. I don’t use much and it makes me look lively and refreshed rather than sleepy or made up. And my freckles still show.

L’Oreal Vive Smooth Intense shampoo and conditioner. It puts the expensive hair products I’ve tried to shame.

Shout Color Catchers- it surprises me how much color it attracts from a load of laundry. It even saved one of my shirts. The shirt was red and white and the red bled the first time I washed it. I washed it HOT with a color catcher and the shirt was like new. :slight_smile:

This Tweezerman ingrown toenail file. I wish I had this 10 years ago. I hate having to yank out the corner of my big toenail every few weeks. I haven’t had any problems since I bought it. Very good for preventing ingrown toenails.

I ordered that from the 1-800 number. My black light arrived broken. :frowning:

It works really well on any organic stain. I used it on a poo stain and on a vomit stain with terrific results.

Chagrin Valley soap and shampoo bars. The lavender spice shampoo bar smells like heaven and leaves my hair soft and shiny, the soaps are so moisturizing I managed to avoid my usual drytightflakyitchy skin this winter, I can pronounce all the ingredients, and it’s not too pricey.

My countertop convection oven. I mainly use it to roast meats; I can just throw them in, set the timer, and wander off until I hear it ding. They come out juice and most of the fat has blown away. Awesome.

My Diva cup. Were I a poet I’d write an ode to it.

I’ve got an old custom chair with gorgeous white upholstery–and several pee stains on the front of it. The urine stains happened about 12 years ago. The chair’s been in storage ever since.

Think this product could get it out?

I’m looking for something that miraculously removes stains from fiberglass shower stalls. I’ve got one at a rental property and the cleaning brigade says it’s stained.

When I was a teenager, my dad had me clean our fiberglass shower with some kind of straight acid that I can’t remember. Acetic or something like that? Anyway, it worked REALLY well.

Has anyone used the Tide marker-stick thingie stain remover? I basically cannot buy white clothes because I always stain them, but if this thing works like it says it does, I’d love it.

Mrs Johnson, I agree with you on the Smooth Intense shampoo and conditioner. However, if you ever need even more conditioning, try the L’Oreal Vive Smooth Intense shampoo and conditioner for women of color. Yes, it says “women of color” on the bottles which are a darker red-orange color. You’ll be amazed.

It may. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to try if you’re not going to use the chair anyway. It’s supposed to work on dried pee stains-- that’s ostensibly what the blacklight is for (when it works), to find old, dried stains that you din’t know where there.

My mother is convinced that those things are made of magic. She finally convinced me to try one, and I was not impressed. In my experience, it’s really no better than water. But, as always, YMMV.

I’ve heard of this being done with muriatic acid, but it’s so caustic and toxic that I’d rather just have a stain.

(And thanks for the info on the light treatments … $2,000 is way too much to spend, but I really should just go to a dermatologist and see what they recommend. The laser treatments might work just fine, for all I know and $500 is probably doable).

I’ve been recommending that Spray & Wash Dual Power stuff. It comes in that dual-chambered bottle, with the pink and white liquids that mix when you squirt it out. My husband cuts grass as a side job and comes home filthy, with grass stains and gasoline and grease all over his jeans, and that stuff gets it all out. I also use it on my son’s baseball pants (ground-in dirt and grass stains) and my daughter’s white shirt from work (various food stains). My only complaint is that they don’t sell it in gallon-sized bottles.

I love it when these threads pop up!
I recently bought and LURV AHA SOUFFLE (second one down) and just after a week, I can see the difference. ( If only I could slather it on other body parts for a transformation of some kind. (feh) Bonus is there are sometimes $3 off coupons in the box. YAY!
I will second the Diva Cup best kept secret for woman out there.

Gold Bond Ulitmate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion is about $7-8 depending on where you find it (and it is usually on the bottom shelf of hand cream and body lotion and relatively hard to find) , but it is the finest I have found for dealing with severe dry and prone to cuts and cracked kinda thing. I used the Neutrogena Fisherman Hand Creme for years and was happy (HAPPY!), but this stuff is DABOMB. It is also suitable to use on the face and doesn’t clog pores. My husband was the one who found this and it has a gentle non-poufy scent.
Maggie’s Organic Socks I have never waxed rhapsodic over a pair of socks before, but I have a pair of tie dyed organic socks that are Fair Trade and very, very soft! I have never received compliments on my socks before (ever) and I have three pair of these and receive compliments daily. Just buy them. I think it is all the kharmic goodness that these socks do with being organic and fair trade and all.

If you are sick and tired of cheapie art supplies for your kids that fail to deliver anything but frustration ( those watercolor paint sets are crap) go to any Michaels or Joann’s art section and buy a higher grade level of art stuff. I buy the tube’s of acrylics and water colors for the kids ($10+) and it lasts a long time. You can now buy little plastic paint pot containers that have a firm lid ( $1.00 or so) so you can store your color choices near-indefinately (these are usually hanging up by the plastic palettes, near brushes)

Another art supply that is fantastic are koh-i-noor wooden color pencils. I think the exact style is called Progresso, but not only do they give vibrant colors, you can’t break the lead, as the entire pencil is colored.

And, fer the love of Og, buy yourself a rechargeable battery charger and rechargeable batteries. You will save more $ in the long run and save yourself a buttload of frustration when the batteries have died in the digital camera…again…and you are on your way out to a wedding. Save some money, save the earth. save your frustration.

I’ve been hooked on The Works for years now. It really gets rid of rust stains effiortlessly. My other faaabulous product is non-stick Reynolds Wrap. That stuff is awesome!

I wonder if The Works would be okay to use on those scummy shower doors, or if it’s too strong for plastic.

Anybody ever try it on anything besides toilets?

I don’t have shower doors or I’d give it a shot.

Ah, yes. Muriatic acid. No surprise that my dad made me use it, with no protection or precautions. That’s the kind of guy he is.

But it did work marvelously.

I’ve used The Works on our ceramic tile shower to help get off the rust stain that well water leaves. Works very well, but makes me feel like I am ripping out my lungs at the same time. (yes, I have the door open and fan on, but that stuff is caustic.)
Another, gentler product for the corners of your shower is to take baking soda and make a slight paste with it and then spritz it or dribble some vineagar on it and then use an old toothbrush to clean the corners. Works great.

Thanks. I might try that.
I’m also a bfig an of the Diva Cup.