Share your recent achievements!

This morning, I took my final test to get my MCITP-Enterprise Certification (Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional - Enterprise Administrator).

I started working on this back in December, and studied very hard for many months. I’m glad it’s behind me, and proud of my achievement.

What have you done recently?

I fixed over 1000 bugs last week.

They were all compile bugs, due to us upgrading to a new version of the base software application we modify for our own use. So most of them were easy variable-name-change kind of things. But some were tricky, and hey man, 1000 bugs in a week! That’s gotta count for something!

Wow! That is pretty awesome! We released our last major version update with something like 2,000,000 bugs. I remember our CEO on a conference call yelling at the development folks saying “First, how the FUCK did you let this happen?!? and SECOND, I haven’t heard of any plan to fix them. What the fuck are you people doing???”

That was a pretty uncomfortable conference call, doubly so for Dev. :frowning:

I recently qualified to certify aircraft “Safe for Flight” in the Navy. Basically, I tell the pilot that all appropriate maintenance has been performed, and the Aircraft will not fall out of the sky. It is the highest qualification that an enlisted sailor in the Aviation side of the Navy can receive, and I am in the lowest rank allowed to qualify for it, one of 5 E-6’s at my command to hold the qual. (there are 50 E-6’s at my command).

I recently passed my Sun Certified Professional-Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 exam

Well, not recent but recently found out about…

Last week, I did a vanity search on my sister because I saw her name in an e-mail list that listed her name with an OSD (Office of Secretary of Defense) address. Nothing came up on her, but my name showed up as an “awardee”. I clicked on it and found out that in 2008 I was selected as the OSD Civilian Tester of the Year. Nobody in my organization bothered to inform me of this. I found out I won a fairly major award via a vanity search.

Perhaps not the caliber of the above, but I changed the oil in my truck a couple of days ago and only got a little bit on me.

Tomorrow it’s the front and rear differentials and the transfer case.

On Saturday I ran my first official 5K!

I’d run 5K three or four times on my own, but this was an official timed race. I ran the whole thing, no walking (yeah!), and came in at 34:01, my personal best. I wasn’t even winded at the end and felt like I could go around again! So now I’m signing up for a 10K on Labor Day weekend.

For reference, a year ago I weighed 220 and could barely run a minute. Today I’m ~155 (ten pounds left to lose), but I feel and look great, if I do say so myself!

I drank a liter of rum in one sitting.

Now we know where all the rum has gone.

Last week I started the process to get a fundraising software program patented and/or copyrighted. So, if I’ve seemed even more crocked lately, that’s why.

ETA: Oh, and I started a diet to lose 30 pounds, because I’m JUST THAT CRAZY.