Sharing Mixdiscs or tapes

I had the idea of making a mix disc of my very favorite songs and wanted to see if someone else wanted to do the same and trade. My idea was to include just my very favorite songs, ones that I couldn’t live without. Ones that have a huge impact on me and my life. And songs that aren’t easily available. Nothing by the Beatles, the Stones or the like. It wouldn’t even have to fill an entire disc. Maybe just a few songs. No fillers. Nothing like “I think they might like this one”. Just your special ones.

I love the idea of hearing something that touched someone in a special way. Something that’s a part of your life. I might not like the songs you pick and you might not like mine but knowing that you care about it is what makes it special.

Now what I what to know, if someone cared to do such a trade, is it legal? I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. What do you people think?

We’ve discussed doing this in the past and I think the official decision was that it would, in fact, be copyright infringement. That thread was closed from what I remember. If not for the legal issues, it sounds like a great idea, though.