The Doper Mix Tape Exchange

Inspired by the [url=]Valentine exchange and the [url=]postcard exchange, may I suggest a mix tape exchange?

I know it’s got the potential to be pretty complicated, but I’ve been thinking about guidelines, and I’ve got some ideas that I think might work. If people were interested, they could e-mail me with their name, address, preferred format (cd or tape), degree of work/child safety required, and a top five list. It wouldn’t have to be your top five songs or your top five albums - you could go for your top five songs with people’s names in the titles, or top five songs to listen to while washing dishes. However, it should reflect the range of your interests, so I wouldn’t advise sending a list of top five songs from any one artist. I also want to know whether people would be willing to send tapes internationally - most exchanges seem to have mostly U.S. Dopers, a handful of people from Canada, and then maybe a couple of people from the UK, and I don’t want anyone to be left out because of shipping costs.

Anyway, interested parties should send me their e-mails (it’s in my profile). If there’s any interest, I’ll set a reasonable time limit to jump on the bandwagon, probably a week or two. When the time’s up, I’ll divide everyone into groups of four (maybe five), sorting by location and musical compatibility. Participants will then get a list of the people in their group, with names, addresses, and top five lists all included, and we can get started mixing.

Is anyone interested? Are there any suggestions/improvements to be made to the guidelines?

Although it sounds like a great idea, trading mix tapes is the same as file-sharing music. (You know, that whole copyright infringment thing.) I would suggest you ask a mod to close this.

It’s a damn shame, though.

When, oh when, will I get it through my thick little skull that one must preview? Corrected links:

Doper Valentine Exchange

Doper Postcard Exchange

I hadn’t even thought of that. Mods, can I get a ruling?

Skerri is correct, look!ninjas. I’m going to have to close this.

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