SDMB CD Exchange: Who's In?

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I did this in another forum and it worked really well. Plus, I have nothing but the highest esteem for the musical tastes of my fellow Dopers. So I figured I’d see how much interest there was in an SDMB CD exchange.

The rules are very simple:

  1. It’ll be, at most, a monthly thing. If you want in for the first month, you don’t have to participate in subsequent months. Similarly, if you didn’t do it the first time around, you can join in the next.

  2. Each participating Doper is randomly assigned another participating Doper to whom to send a mix CD. Such a CD can include whatever music/songs you like, subject (if you want) to the posted preferences of the person you’re giving it to - whether they’d prefer a PG-rated mix, whether they hate heavy metal, etc. - and to the following caveat: no single artist or group can be responsible for more than one song on your mix. That is, if the CD you burn has 20 songs on it, those songs should be by 20 different artists (the term is defined loosely here; it’s okay to have something by Jane’s Addiction and something by Porno for Pyros, for example, even though the two groups have bandmembers and creative impulses in common).

  3. When you’ve made the mix, you can post your track listing in this thread, along with comments on the songs you’ve selected. And when you receive a mix, you can post with your reactions, favorite songs on the CD, and so on.

  4. If you’re interested in participating, post in this thread (to keep it bumped) and drop me an e-mail at jsc35 at georgetown dot edu. When we’ve got enough interest for a good go-round, I’ll assign (and e-mail privately) each person their mixees. Then you’ll have another couple weeks in which to make and send the CDs.

  5. I don’t think this is violative of any intellectual property laws or restrictions. Anyone with a serious concern and more knowledge than I, let me know.

Any questions/comments/caveats? With any luck, we’ll expose people to new and favorite music they had no idea existed!

I like the idea, but I think it would be cooler and less time-consuming if you could send a complete CD from one Artist.

Just my thoughts.

Sounds interesting. Anyone who has a collection of bizarre music, holla at me.

Sorry, perhaps I’m misunderstanding. It seems to me that you’re saying, you’ll copy a CD and then send it around to others, who don’t have to buy it?

That’s theft or piracy, depending on where you stand, and you can forget about advertising it or trying on these boards.

Since we’ve got some emails on this, saying that the original idea is the “mix” CD, not copying a full CD, I’ve tossed it around for some other Administrator opinions. So far, they’ve agreed with me – making a “mix” for yourself or your family is one thing, but exchanging with friends or total strangers does not seem to fall within the Board’s definition of “Fair Usage.”

We’ve said before, we are sponsored by the CHICAGO READER, which has an intense dislike of finding it’s material used by others without permission. We therefore take a more stringent position on our Boards than might be necessary from a strict legal point of view.