Sharing satellite internet connection with neighbors: Pitfalls?

The only high speed internet connection available to me is Direcway satellite, which is very expensive. What if I wanted to share the connection and spread the cost with a couple of my similarly-situated neighbors?

What’s the best way to get the signal to them? Wireless? String LAN cables from the roof? Any legal issues, either? I can’t think of any, except that I’d be the one responsible for usage, obviously.

If I went wireless, what kind would be best? I have no experience with wireless connections.

If LAN cables, should I get some kind of router?

Practically, wireless is probably a better option than stringing LAN cables all over the place. You would have a wireless access point in your apartment and then you can either just get wireless cards for all the computers in each of the apartments or your neighbours can also get wireless access points (relays) that they can either plug a lan cable into or that will just extend the range of the wireless connection.
Legally, you might find that you are in the wrong. Most residential broadband contracts that I have seen stipulate that the service is for the residence in question and don’t allow you to sublet the bandwidth (which is effectively what you would be doing).