Shark? (for dinner)

I’m making shark for dinner…nothing like it for making you feel like the top of the food chain.

But I’m not sure what to do with it. Haven’t cooked a lot of shark, what’s it like? Do I make a sauce as agressive as the animal itself? Red or white?

Anyone have a good shark recipe?

BBQ. Make yourself a nice Memphis or Kansas City-style sauce and slap that sucker on the grill.

It’s a fairly firm white fish…not quite the texture of tuna, but far more solid than something such as cod. I’ve done it in a Thai-style curry, poaching the shark steaks in the sauce for 15 minutes or so, after which it broke up into chunks.

The best shark steak I ever had was wrapped in a tinfoil packet with some veggies (carrots, cauliflower, and brocoli, IIRC), butter, and little lemon juice, then tossed on the grill.


I’ve only had shark that was poached and the meat always turned out a little rubbery, like calamari. My dad was the one who cooked it, maybe he was doing something wrong?

Probably not doing it gently enough. Make the sauce, then place the meat onto the top, cover and take the heat down to barely-simmering (that’s the technical term :wink: )

Obligatory don’t buy shark link. I have stopped.

But since you’ve already bought it… enjoy! It’s delicious. Lots of lime juice and peppercorns go well as a marinade.