Shark Tanks Returns To NBC

We happened to catch Shark Tank again (regular time slot will be Fridays).

On the first episode this season was a guy with a cool idea for individual wine glasses - wine bottled in glasses with a sealed lid. Go to a picnic, or sporting event or whatever, and just pop open a glass of wine without corkscrew, bottle and extra glass. Lots of opportunities for the packaging, but the guy was an idiot - he insisted they buy into the whole concept of packaging AND his own winery.

He got an offer of $600,000 for 51% of just the patent on the glass and packaging. He could keep his winery and continue to sell his own stuff in the glass, but just sell the patent idea for the packaging.
He declined.
He could be sitting on a beach, spending his $600,000 and collecting 49% of royalties forever while doing absolutely nothing.
Instead, he walked away with zip and intends to work on getting his private label wine up and running.
Oh well.

Thanks for the heads-up; I’ve been waiting months for this! For those who missed it, you can watch the latest episode on their site, which is what I’ll be doing

I thought his idea is worth a LOT more than what he was offered for it.

Even though I am not a huge wine guy, I can’t wait to grab a few of those suckers for an outdoor tailgate party or other similar event.

That packaging system is a multi-million dollar idea!!!

Sharks in tanks?
Scarier than sharks with frikkin laser beams attached to their heads.