Shark Week is a coming!

And before you know it it will be here. Starts like next week well actually 7/29 and I am very excited myself. Ever since I was a kid and went to the Ripley’s Aquarium in TN (which by the way has like the best shark exhibit around) I have been fascinated with sharks.

This year is the 20th anniversary so I know its going to be really good.

Geez, wasn’t it Shark week, like, 2 months ago?

Live every week like it’s Shark Week.

Every week can be shark week, as far as I’m concerned.

Recently, I was bitten by the shark bug, so to speak. Seeing sharks for the first time since I was young in their natural environment (by which I mean the New York Aquarium). They’re so amazing, and anything to do with sharks is great in my book.

Sharks are cool. Sharks are great. Sharks won’t mind if you throw up in the back seat of their car (movie paraphrase, anybody? :wink: ) but shark week? It’s getting to be as frequent as NPR pledge month.

If you want to hang out with sharks, now is the perfect time at La Jolla Shores, near San Diego. In late summer, leopard sharks come in to the shallow water to feed. On a good day, there are dozens of them patrolling near the surf line, some up to 5 feet long. It’s creepy as hell to walk out into waist-deep water and be surrounded by sharks, even harmless ones.

One of my favorite memories is seeing a whale shark in Osaka Japan. What an amazing sight!

Perfect timing. Maybe they chummed the beach to get better ratings.

I have already programmed my Tivo. Bring it on.

Who are you telling?!? I love shark week its the best. I actually went to the aquarium this weekend and saw all the cool sharks there and it only got me more excited about it all. The commercials for this thing have been amazing, I am really looking forward to seeing the first of the series “The Worst Shark Attack Ever”