Sharknado 5 [Spoilers]

I can’t be the only one watching all these weird ass shark movies on Syfy this week in leading up to Sharknado 5 tonight.

Also I have done nothing all day but watch the Sharknado movies today. I saw the first one when it aired and never bothered with any of the others until today and each one is better than the last one. They just keep ramping it up.

Sharknado 5 starts in half an hour and I was surprised there wasn’t a thread on it, or I missed it when searching.

I’m really excited for it.

Anybody else?

What did you think of 1-4?

I liked The Hoff going into space and then landing himself on the moon in like 5 minutes and 90210 Boy landing back to Earth from space inside of a shark at the end of 3. Now that’s classy right there.

And having Striker, from Airplane, be the pilot of the airplane in 2.

And the Star Wars opener be the opener for 4.

DUDE! Spoilers!

I foresee myself watching them at some point because I’m sure I hate myself that much, but not really anytime soon.

My bad. I’ll get the title changed.

I was mostly kidding. No big deal.


Not that I’m really sure it’s possible to spoil a Sharknado movie, but I’ve edited the title anyway.

No biggie. Couldn’t hurt.

Thank you Sir.

This one is Indiana Jones themed, nice. And that little shark just squealed like someone kicked a puppy. This is gonna be hilarious.

Holy carp, Superbowl shark was part of the opening credits.

Fabio Pope is not the Pope we deserve but the Pope we need.

Wow, what a ride. The ups. The downs. I laughed. I cried. I stubbed my pinkie toe on the coffee table leg when I tried to hustle into the kitchen to get more salsa. It hurts, but I’m ok. I’m a real man.

That’s your pinkie toe’s way of telling you to get a DVR, dude.

Respect the pinkie toe. Follow its commands.

From someone who loved 1-4, that one was sad. Fun but sad. The people didn’t make nearly the stars the sharknados did in the earlier ones. I almost wish for 6 they do a Dallas thing and pretend 5 was only a dream.

Who was the actress/personality who played the “Q”-like lab-lady who handed Little Gil the shark-fin helmet? The face and rack ring a bell but I can’t put a name on her. And I didn’t catch the name of the character either.

I Tivo’d #5 and haven’t watched it yet. I did see 1 through 4, and my favorite scenes were as follows:

#2: ZZ Top were extras in a panicked subway crowd scene. :stuck_out_tongue:

#4: The guy who ran the station was always followed by two very attractive, scantily clad women, who walked as if they were models on a catwalk. :smiley:

Several days ago, my local newspaper did a story about the guy who plays Fin, and he said he almost didn’t do the first “Sharknado” because the script was so bad :wink: and he feared it would ruin his career, but he did it anyway because he needed the money. Little did he know it would be a long-running comedy series!

I watched parts of it - I agree with the idea that the series has been campy fun but it’s run its course. This was sad in many ways.

The best part was the guest stars. It took me a while to recognize Greg Louganis and Margaret Cho. Olivia Newton-John and her especially her daughter looked cringingly awful. Dolph Ludgren was wooden as ever. The best was Tony Hawk, by far. Pope Fabio was a “meh”.

Tara Reid looks like she was mistakenly issued spackle instead of makeup, and her scream is one of the most annoying sounds I’ve ever heard. All the other main “actors” are showing the requisite earnestness of a camp parody, but it’s not enjoyable anymore. The cheesy special effects are just embarrassing, with little extra money they could make it less distracting and still be suitable for the story.

Oh, the ONJ song titles were amusing as well.

I think this movie holds the record for most bad plastic surgery victims assembled in one place. The woman that professed her love to the PM looked like she was wearing some weird fright mask.

Let’s hope it gets better reviews than Spinal Tap’s album Shark Sandwich.

Wait, is Tara Reid a robot?

Tara Reid or her character?

Either way, the answer is she’s a cyborg, not a robot.

That may be the one I’m trying to identify; blonde? Way too much collagen in the lips?