Sharks vs. Jets - Q for Hockey fans

The Sharks and Jets were, of course, the warring gangs from the play/movie West Side Story. Bearing that in mind, three questions arose in my curious mind:

  1. What is the all-time win-loss record between the San Jose Sharks and the Winnipeg Jets before the latter moved to Phoenix?

  2. Was anyone ever traded from one of those teams to the other, or switched as a free agent directly from one of those teams to the other (“When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet…”)?

  3. For people who lived in one of those two areas during those years: Were the newspaper headlines filled with “West Side Story” puns/lines/references when those two teams played one another, or when one of the above trades (if any) happened?

As a hockey fan (my team is the Flyers) I can only answer #3, and only partially:

ESPN used to have a lot of fun during Sharks v. Jets matches. So, yes, the irony was noted. I’m sure it was also done in San Jose and Winnipeg.

  1. All time record between the teams. I don’t have that handy but I’ll look it up when I get home.

  2. Trades. March 18, 1996 C Darren Turcotte traded to the San Jose Sharks along with a 2nd round pick (previously acquired from Dallas) in the 1996 NHL Entry Draft for C Craig Janney.

This was the next to last transaction by the Jets before the franchise moved. Also, Bryan (cheap shot) Marchment currently plays for the Sharks also played for the Jets in the early 1990’s.

  1. Never lived in either city. Sorry.

I just found the Jets record against the Sharks

Games played: 26
Wins: 11
Loses: 10
Ties: 5
Goals for: 98
Goals against: 97

That is about as close as two teams can be.

What about the Finnish Flash?

Teemu Selanne used to play for the Jets, and he was recently traded from the Anahiem Mighty Ducks to the Sharks.

And I may be wrong, but I remember Kevin Miller going to the Jets in the Turcotte aquisition, not Janney.

I live aroung San Jose (go Sharks) and I don’t recall any big deal being made about them playing each other. But the local paper rarely covers anything than the game itself. (yet they still manage to find something to say about football, baseball and basketball year round. the bastards.)

You are correct about Selanne, I admit that I forgot him. As for the trade, I can’t look it up at work (I do have the NHL Guide and Record Book at home). The information that I posted came from this site.