Sharp PC1250A Computer ...

A co-worker just got a PC1250A from Sharp, vintage 1982 or so. It’s the size of a calculator, has a one-line display and ROM Basic, and comes with 4K memory and a one-line display. He also has the base station with a micro-cassette tape drive and a paper-tape thermal printer.

(Hey, it was free!)

The problem is that, while he has manuals for the base station, he has none for the computer itself. He can figure a lot out from the sample programs (on tape and listed in the base-station manual), but would like to find a real set of manuals. He has searched the Web and found lots of other stuff, but not the manuals.

Can anybody help him out?

People are selling old manuals on eBay all the time. I bet if he waits long enough he’ll find one there.

IIRC also identical to TRS-80 PC-3.

Here is the manual

From the description of the base station I would guess that it is a slightly different model than the TRS-80 which IIRC did have an accessory to interface with a regular cassete player but no base station as such. The TRS-80 was the same as a slightly older and larger Sharp model. If I am correct then the manual pointed to by astro will still be of some use as there were only a few differences in operation between the two.

While the “base” options may differ I think the P-3 is more or less identical to the 1250a. Tandy made several pocket computers (including the P-1 and P-2) and most were Sharp OEM units which may be the older/larger units you are thinking of.

see link

Looking at the clerer picture I suspect you may be correct. The picture in your earlier link was unclear and looked more like the bigger, older model I alluded to. This was partly due to a bias on my part because Tandy (what Radio Shack was called in the UK) did not seem to stock the better models.

The pics at astro’s links look like the very one. I’ll pass the info on.


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