Sharp, tho mild pains...seemingly on outer surface of cranium, etc...

Every now and then, I used to get sharp, but not horribly painful pains on the outer part of my head. Kind of on the top. Sometimes, on the side, upper neck and/or ear. Just a sharp, tenderness when touched.
If I touched it,I would feel the pain. Nothing really bad, but sharp.
So, years ago, I was watching a class for Physical Therapy, or Physician Assistants, something like that, and the trainer was saying that, in giving a cursory, non-fullblown physical, for people who aren’t real doctors to administer, that one should run their hands over the patients head looking for ‘tender’ spots. He didn’t say why, in that class, and I never asked him.
Does anybody know what the cause of those pains is/was?
Don’t need answer fast!

Your jaw muscles start near the top of your head and go through your ear and down to your chin. And jaw pain can sure as hell cause neck pain and upper back pain.

Clenching your jaw and/or grinding your teeth (either while awake or asleep) can fatigue the jaw muscles and make them tender.

Could it be nummular headaches?

Kind of sounds like what they call ice pick headaches. Google gives similar symptoms.

Yeah, I’d guess it’s the tension headache kind of thing. Could be sinus related also.

Thanks for the replies, all.