Shaun of the Dead-Hot Fuzz-World's End marathon

If you are interested in the Cornetto/Blood and Ice Cream trilogy, you can watch the whole shebang at selected theaters on August 22, one day before the official release of World’s End.

Having children, I can’t really invest six+ hours in the theater, but I figured some fans here might be able to take advantage.

Thanks for the heads-up - I may actually do this. I never got around to seeing Hot Fuzz and the new one looks interesting.

That is a lot of time, but once before I’ve done it.

On July 4th, 1974, I went to a Planet of the Apes marathon at a local theater. Saw all five movies in a row, starting at 10:00AM in the morning. They actually made more sense when seen together like that.

The theater celebrated the event by selling bananas in the lobby.

But I loathe bananas…

You should I think Hot Fuzz is much better than Shaun of the Dead and I wish I’d seen it at the theatre rather than just on DVD.

Closest theater to me is 5 hours away. Naturally, I’m considering it.

It’s a tough call - I guess I give Hot Fuzz a slight edge since Shaun contained a number of pop-music references that I didn’t get.

No accounting for my tastes, but Hot Fuzz is my least favorite Pegg/Frost movie. If they substituted Paul, I would definitely be there.

What do Shaun and Hot Fuzz have in common to make them part of a trilogy? Other than the Edgar Wright Repertory Company.

Nothing besides the Cornetto that features in all three films. It’s not meant to be anything more than a funny reference for those who enjoy those movies.

(researching) The ice cream? Okay, that’s a charmingly half-assed excuse for a party.

Wow. I didn’t enjoy Hot Fuzz nearly as much as Shaun of the Dead.

No theaters in Charlotte? I knew this place was a dump.

Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll be doing the AMC version. The price also includes a lanyard and a t-shirt.

I’d say they’re all parody/homages to genre movies. *Shaun *is of course a zombie flick, Hot Fuzz is both “something not right in this quaint little town” and “ridiculously violent buddy cop” movie, and it looks like World’s End is doppelganger invasion (see body snatchers, puppet masters, and of course robots indistinguishable from people

There not showing Paul?

Edgar Wright didn’t direct it.

I want to have Simon Pegg’s baby.

The New Beverly in LA is doing this complete with Edgar Wright.
If you go, ask for Julia and say Uncle Tim says hello.

Just bought my tix for the Alamo Drafthouse near us. Fuck yeah!!!