Zombieland or Shaun of the Dead?

which do you think is better?

By better, I mean more entertaining, you liked it better, would prefer to watch one over the other given a choice

Shaun leads all comers, 1-0! :wink:


Let me state for the record though that a) I really enjoyed Zombieland and this does not imply that it is a bad movie. I thought it was really good but b) I’m British, so Shaun works for me more due to the inherent “Britishness” of it hitting my main cultural touchpoints.

I vote for Zombieland. I far prefer comedy that still works on the level of a serious movie, while from what I remember Shawn of the Dead was more of a funny-for-the-sake-of-funny movie.

I liked Zombieland, but loved Shaun.

I like both but Zombieland is one of those trap-movies where once I see a moment of it, I’m on the couch until it ends.

Both are really good movies.

Tell you what, I’ll come back and vote in a year or so.

Shaun of the Dead for me.

Shaun. I just saw Zombieland for the first time last night and while it does have its moments, I guess I’m more attuned to British-style humor. Plus, the zombies in Shaun seemed more, er, canonical.

I like Zombieland a LOT. In fact, sometimes, I freak out in public restrooms, waiting for a zombie to come in under the stall.

But I own a copy of Shaun of the Dead and watch it at least once a month. The list of lines that have fallen into our personal conversational lexicon is crazy. Two common ones: “Two seconds!” “It’s been a funny sort of day.” (My Fella’s favorite character out of all of them is Barbara.)

Dammit! Now I’m going to have to go watch it again!

Shaun for sure.

Both good movies, but *Shaun *is the winner.

I always enjoy Shaun of the Dead but the first time I saw it I got a sense that there were references that I just wasn’t picking up on. The most glaring being the strange girl that Shaun seemed to know on the street - and who was there at the end - but really had no real reason to be in the movie. Then I saw the British sitcom “Spaced” and it all made sense. If you are a fan of Shaun of the Dead I strongly recommend you check out Spaced. The last I checked it was available on Netflix Streaming.

I’ll take Simon and Nick over Woody and Jesse any day.

*Zombieland *was great, but *Shaun *is a superior movie. It’s very intricately crafted to weave together an engaging personal story, a classic zombie story, masses of references and homages to classic movies and other Pegg/Frost work, AND lots of internal callbacks. For instance, a lot of what Ed says in offhand comments comes true: “The next time I see him, he’s dead,” and the next time they see Pete, he’s a zombie. Also a bunch of his descriptions of the people in the bar get echoed later in their deaths.

I like both but after watching both on tv several times I’ve found Shaun has more re-watchability.

Concur. My only regret about Shaun of the Dead is that I saw Hot Fuzz first.

That’s a tough choice but I’d have to say Zombieland because, Bill Murray!

Too hard to choose.

Zombieland, easily.

Woody Harrelson brings an irreverence to the screen that Shaun can’t touch. BM cameo, and Eisenburg’s neurotic unlikely survivor is even more unlikely than the blokes from Shaun. With Eisenburg’s narration, Zombieland is the closest thing to a Woody Allen zombie movie we’ll ever get – and that alone is a hilarious premise.

The satire is more biting (hi-OH!) in Zombieland. Shaun of the Dead just resurrects (HarHar) the satire from Dawn & Day. It brought nothing new to the table. Zombieland has the guts (rimshot) to tell fat America that the fattest die first, e.g. “Cardio.” With rules like “Double Tap,” Zombieland is a fresh slice of Americana circa 2000s.

Really, just in viewing the opening credits, the contest is over. I knew I got more than my money’s worth when I saw those high-speed footage scenes paired with “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”