Zombieland - Walkin' dead spoilers!

I’m going to see Zombieland tonight at 7:35PM. I’m so excited I’ve got goose-bumps.

Speculation on who the “surprise cameo” is in the movie?

Starting a thread now, looking forward to hearing everyones opinions when I get back tonight.


Yeah, I think we’re going to see it tonight at 7:30. Hope it doesn’t suck!

It’s getting really good reviews - looks like I know what I’ll be doing with the time the kids spend at Granny’s tomorrow!

I’m looking forward to this. My friend’s comment: “No! Woody Harrelson is not allowed to be badass!”

Your friend isn’t much of a Woody fan then, are they?

He was a bad ass in Natural Born Killers, kind of and a bad ass in No Country For Old Men. Nevermind that he died in NCFOM, I mean that’s kind of what happens when you run into Sugar.

And I mean, a basketball hustler with Rosie Perez as a girlfriend in White Men Can’t Jump. How is that not bad ass too?

I saw an advanced screening last night and really enjoyed it.

The cameo is funny, but took me out of the movie a little. My opinion seems to be the minority though, because I’ve read a few review where the reviewer LOVED the cameo.

My husband and I are going to this tonight as well. I’m totally ready to nut up or shut up.

Yeah, both the reviews as well as imdb spoil the suprise cameo. Still looks like a good movie.

Alas, Roger Ebert just blatantly spoiled it in his review. He gave it a generally positive review, which is surprising considering his distate (excuse the pun) for zombies.

My husband and I are going tonight. I’m wearing my Halloween costume (Zoey from Left 4 Dead) and a couple of friends are dressing up as zombies.

Super excited! :slight_smile:

You should have your husband yell out, “I hate trailers” as the first one comes up - bet it’ll get a laugh.

Bahahaha. I am so going to ask him to.

It might be asking a lot. He’s already participating in Beardtober in order to be Bill for Halloween.

Just saw it and loved it. I wish I had seen it with a crowd, as I saw the 6:00 PM show at the AMC Mainstreet theater in Kansas City, and there weren’t 30 people in a theater that holds nearly 300. I really wish I had been able to catch a midnight showing.

I had no idea there would be a cameo, and was glad that I didn’t know there was going to be one.

We saw a matinee this afternoon, in a surprisingly crowded theater. Loved it.

I didn’t know much about it other than the premise, so the cameo came as a complete surprise. Funny, funny stuff, and good zombies too. It was scarier making them so fast and nimble–a nice touch, I thought.

The funniest thing was that we had to stop for groceries after the movie, and there was a bright yellow Hummer in the parking lot. I so wanted to paint 3s on the doors…

Dude’s dad killed JFK. :wink: There are some badass genes in him.

It’s funny as Hell. It’s a zombie movie for people wouldn’t normally like zombie movies - Zombie Lite.

Are all the rules posted somewhere?

I hope it’s funny. Rented Adventureland tonight, expecting it to be funny. One daughter claims she said, “No! It’s boring and about RELATIONSHIPS!” I guess I didn’t listen to her.

I just got back from seeing this film tonight. I thought it was great! It was hilarious and I loved the cameo appearance. Very unexpected!

I must say that the film was much gorier than I expected. Not that I had a problem with that, I mean it’s a zombie film and all, but there was one scene at the beginning that was just so explicit. (Wear your seatbelts!)

When I was walking out I passed a group of people waiting for the midnight showing that were all dressed as zombies! Complete with bloody faces and makeup and everything.

The Rules

Beware of Bathrooms
Keep Your Expectations in Check
Double Tap
Check the Back Seat
Bounty Paper Towels
Bowling Ball
Don’t Be a Hero
Buddy System
Swiss Army Knife
Enjoy the Little Things

I thought it was hilariously awesome.