Is it possible to get my straight and healthy hair back by shaving my hair? cause when i was a little kid , my hair were straight and healthy then when i was in highschool it gets curly but still healthy, then i decided to make my hair straight back by rebonding it but it damages my hair, getting dry and frizzy, so my hair now is dry and frizzy curly,

is it possible to get back my straight and healthy hair, or even my curly hair, but healthy by shaving ? or just getting bald ? i’m 20 years old btw

Your hair is your hair. Whatever you have now has presumably been damaged by the elements and whatever products/processes you’ve used to straighten it, dye it, etc.

Yes, shaving it will bring your hair back to square one. Your natural, unprocessed, undamaged hair. It probably won’t make your hair straight again if your hair is naturally curly though. Yes, people with straight hair as children can start growing wavy or curly hair after puberty. Puberty causes a lot of changes. If you didn’t do anything to make your hair curly in the first place, it will probably continue to grow that way whether you shave or not.

Of course, you could get the same effect by letting your hair grown out and trimming the damaged ends regularly. No shave needed. You’ll have to avoid the temptation to “fix the roots” though. Your call.