Shaving down there adds an inch

Or at least that’s what Philips Norelco is telling us.

See for yourself marginally worksafe

My wife is going to be so happy !!

Eep! I can’t shave down there, because I’d no longer have a penis… it’d be a foot!

AAAA, I think that dude was hitting on me!

That’s awsome. I’d die if I saw that on TV.

I wish I could put that guy on my desktop, so he can flirt with me all day long.

Not opening the link since I’m at work but…shaving does make it look bigger. So does losing weight if you’re carrying extra pounds.

It’s a Flash video on a site advertising a whole-body razor. A clean-cut guy comes out in a white bathrobe and speaks directly to the camera about how you can use the razor to shave all over, delicate areas like your armpits your BEEP (and when the beep plays, a picture of 2 nuts flashes on the screen), your BEEP (closeup picture of a peach or something). At some point another BEEP and a picture of a carrot. All the while he’s talking in this cocky way and making mad eye contact. Almost as bad as the Burger King.

Heh. Ok, now I’m not opening the link cause that would just be strange.
Wearing a robe indeed.

Keep it on. He’s not done when the spiel is over. Creepy.

There’s a music video too.

So is this aimed at the gay community or what?

…slow to load is what this is called. I feel sorry for our 56kers.

I thought it was a spoof. And a really unfunny boring spoof, which rang alarm bells. So I whois-ed, and it’s not a spoof. It’s just awful.

Are men shaving hair from their entire body? Or is this just a complete joke ?

Oh. My. God. That shit is too funny.

Some people do. I don’t, I just trim up some places.

Men are increasingly shaving hair from certain unsightly areas, and trimming hair from others. It’s perfectly legit and from what I’ve gathered, womankind is pleased.

Gaymalekind has been doing it for quite a while now. Keep up!

"Shaving down there adds an inch"

So that’s what that nub is. I thought it was an ingrown hair.

heh. You’re shaving the wrong side!!!

There’s a main menu at the lower left. Don’t miss the testimonials, in the form of voice mail on his cell phone

That was…interesting. An odd mix of creepy and damn funny.
“It’s too bad none of them left their numbers”.