Shaving underarms = less sweating ??

I have this sweating problem, othing will do it, I tried all sorts of anti-prespirant and things like that, I still sweat too much.

I am considering shaving my underarms, because for some reason it seems to me that I would sweat less…is there truth to my belief? What effect would it likely have on my sweat?

Also, is there any cure to my problem - short of going around with toiletpaper under my armpits?

Also I am a 6ft, 22 y.o. , guy I used to weight about 175lbs but during the last year I gained 20lbs, some muscle and some fat, would my added weight have any effect on that? I seem to be sweating more than before.
Finally, I did competitive swiming for 7 years, I remember during the time I wasnt sweating at all, when I was doing exercise I just had this chloreen smell but not much wetness at all, if I start swiming again would that likely have an effect or is it just because I was younger and a lot thinner?

If you shave your underarms, I can’t imagine you’d sweat any less. You might smell less, if that’s a problem for you, because the hairs trap all the ingredients you need for BO.

If it’s really a problem for you, have you tried seeing a doctor? I thought I remembered knowing somebody who had to use prescription anti-perspirant for a similar problem, or if it’s a huge problem for you evidently it’s possible to just remove some sweat glands. Although of course they perform a perfectly legitimate purpose for you.

In my experience, it helps to shave if you’re using a solid deodorant/antiperspirant. I’ve found they work a lot better when you can apply them to the skin, rather than to the surrounding hair.

It probably won’t decrease the amount that you sweat but it’ll lessen the odor. Not to mention itch like hell when it starts growing again.

I tried it a couple of summers ago when I was having a particularly bad bout of BO (I’d bathe and use deodorant, but only a few hours later Mrs. Sub would be asking if I’d showered that day). While it made a big difference in how I smelled, it didn’t reduce sweating any. In fact, it felt a little like I was sweating more, since it wasn’t getting trapped by the hair and I could now feel it running down my sides.

In my experience, it’ll make you sweat more due to the increase of skin-on-skin friction.

Have you tried CertainDri? I’ve heard good things from bodybuilders (who notoriously sweat a lot).

As a former problem perspirer (and one who could destroy a shirt after one wearing at that) let me lend advice.

There’s a product you can get from your doctor called Drysol. It’s a prescription anti-perspirant (NOT a deodorant, and you’re advised not to use any deodorants while using it) which can take some getting used to, as it’s a 20% solution of aluminum chloride. It stings going on, and itches for a while afterward. But it works. Works well enough that I only put a few daubs under each arm every other day or so. (It comes in a container similar to a bingo marker.)

As for shaving, I do that too. And I have a new-found respect for women because of it. No hair means no place for bacteria to hide, breed, and die in, leaving you with their lovely aroma. (“Hey, I don’t smell, it’s all this dead bacteria I’m hauling around…”) But you soon learn not to shave before applying anything harsh…

Look into the Drysol. There’s some other people on this board who use it; one of them gave me the encouragement to stick with it last year when I was ready to give up.

You might be sweating more now because you sometimes (ie while excercising) need to cool off more than you used to. You body adjusts to this, and sweats more/more easily. (It’s why people have more trouble during the first few hot days of the summer - their cooling systems haven’t changed over to summer mode; hospitals see more heat-related health issues with the first heat wave than with others of similar magnitude. )

You probably didn’t get the increased sweat effect before, while you swam, because you probably didn’t need tons of sweat to cool you off then. You still sweat while you swim, but I doubt that it’s to the same degree as when you excercise on dry land, so your body didn’t up the amount of sweat it produces in response to a stimulus. I doubt that taking up swimming in addition to whatever excercise you’re doing now would change your sweating patterns much, although if you went back to it to the exclusion of other stuff, that might do the trick.

Thanks a lot for the input…

I think I’ll put the shaving on hold for now…

I have a couple more questions:
I always have cold feet, (does that mean anything?) and it seems that when I don’t have socks, I sweat more from my underarms…why is that?

Also, isn’t all that aluminiu antiperspirant harmful? I heared aluminium gave alzheimers. Is that true?

and for those that asked, no I don’t have a BO problem, its just the wetness that makes round patches around my underarms that I don’t like.

oh and why do body builders sweat so much?

Because they train hard or because of all that muscle mass?

but I believe you have a condition called hyperhidrosis.

Of many treatments, one of them is:

I know a girl who had hyperhidrosis on her palms. She had the surgery, which she said was quite painful, but within a few weeks she was back to regular activities. She swears it changed her life.

waw CheekyMonkey, great site!!

I recognise some symptoms, I read the description about ‘Palmar Hyperhidrosis’ and its exactly what I have, but on my feet. Although that doesn’t bother me too much.

I’ll just try to find some better anti-perspirant for now, surgery seems a bit extreme. In the meanwhile, I can stick with wearing double layers of clothing.