She believes me now! -or- Why I love Best Buy.

Today my wife and I were Xmas shopping at the great and powerful Best Buy. I, as a red-blooded male-type person, have a genetic predispostion to loooove Best Buy. Can’t get enough Best Buy. No, really. I love Best Buy.

We groove to the computer section to look at LCD monitors. D_redgal has a dirty little habit with LCD screens. She likes to touch. Make pretty swirlies on monitor…oooooooo:) .

I have told d_redgal repeatedly that this could damage said monitor if done repeatedly. My warnings fall on deaf ears. So, I make a plea to authority. We ask Best Buy guy. He is very friendly and courteous. Maybe a bit too courteous. I will not mention what Best Buy we were at, or what the gentleman’s name is, to protect the guilty.

Best Buy guy is also a big fan of “the touch”…Make pretty swirlies on monitor…oooooooo:). He says he does it to these monitors all the time, but he wouldn’t do it at home to his, primarily due to finger smudges.

He then says,“However, you can break one if you push hard enough. I mean if you…” He proceeds to gouge with his thumb on a $500 17" Samsung LCD screen.


:eek: :eek: :eek:
D_redgal believes me now. I love Best Buy.

PS - 50th post! woohoo!!

Gotta admit, that’s a story worth telling.

I agree, and I hate The Evil Place Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken.

I mean, c’mon! Where else do you get customer service like that? That was possibly the best product demo I’ve ever seen. How often do you get to see an inch of lines shoot from the point of impact up and down a beautiful LCD screen like that? Besides, now I can buy one, because d_redgal is terrified of touching them! Why, I might even buy it there…

Is Voldemort a major stockholder now?:smiley:

I like Frys better.

Great story. Being the unwitting cause of someone’s really bad day at work! I bet he’s probably typing HIS side of the story off in some message board somewhere, never to be seen by us.

Gotta love it. :wink:

I wonder what he told his boss?

…that a customer did it.

Well, after he broke it…
then his boss asked him about it…
[Teachers voice from Charlie Brown]
:o Wha wha wa wa whaa whaa.
[/Teachers voice from Charlie Brown]
and he said…
:confused: “$500 17” Samsung LCD screen? What $500 17" Samsung LCD screen?" :confused:
then he looked back at the customers…
followed by…
:wink: (hoping they’ll keep his secret, you see)
as the customers walk off, you can hear them mutter…

This dramatization has been brought to you by…

Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

I, being d_redgal, before I chose to assert my own damn identity, DO BELIEVE HIM NOW. Oh, yes. I will not touch, I will not touch, I will…not…well- maybe just a little- in the store… After all, they can’t prove it wasn’t one of the employees. No, seriously- I wouldn’t. But I can no longer look Best Buy employees in the eye.

You forgot the reaction of the boss: :dubious:

FTR, you can damage an LCD screen another, much more insidious, way by touching them. Over time, you will damage the matrix that makes it work, creating little black dots where a glowing dot should be. My library system uses these for public access catalog terminals and unfortunately, the interface looks like a touchscreen. Branches that have had these in place for fewer than two years already have very noticeable fingertip-sized black spots on their monitors which will never again display information.

I bet the have a floor model for sale, real cheap… only slightly damaged… :slight_smile:

That, by the way, is one of the things I love about Best Buy. Every once in a while, I find something that’s for sale that’s been opened, and it’s way discounted. 15" monitor for $25, modem for $10, Voodoo 2 card for $10…

Could the touching distortion be avoided by putting one of those glare screens over it? There’d be a slight loss of clarity, but your fingers’d stop before they got to the screen.

Don’t you watch CSI? They can prove anything. Can I have you stick this cotton swab in your mouth? Thanks! :smiley:

I was just kidding.:wink: I really wouldn’t do that. I won’t touch them anymore, really. It IS tempting though, as they closely resemble those cool oil stickers from my childhood. We can buy one now- well, no- we can’t. They cost too much.:frowning: