She has her father's eyes

While lurking through MPSIMS today (lurking is what I mostly do here, and BTW, thanks to all the great posters that keep me entertained on my work day breaks), I ran across two posts mentioning a child having their father’s eyes.

Sometime ago I saw photo-shopped image with that caption, either in a collection or a competition (maybe on It was an image of a little girl holding a pair of eyes in her hand while her father was in the background looking obviously sightless. Great photo, wish I’d saved it.

Has anyone ever seen it? Google and didn’t show any interesting results.

I tried a Google Image Search, but all I found is this unintentionally hilarious public service artwork. Your tax dollars at work.

:confused: You find that funny?

Yes. The copy is so over-the-top ridiculous that I LOLed about it.

I have to admit, I laughed too. I may have been looking for the laugh after seeing your comment, but I think I’m just naturally bent. My daughter always says I’m going to hell, but since she shares my twisted sense of humor, she always assures me she’ll be riding with me when the time comes.

I hadn’t thought of Google Image search. I tried just searching for “eyes”, in case the caption wasn’t exactly as I remembered. Word of warning - don’t do that. Searching for “eyes” brings up some disturbing images. Even just so many images of so many eyes freaked me out a bit. I’ll be seeing eyes in my dreams for days.

I really think it may have been, but I don’t see archives there.

Found it! Thanks friedo, found it on Google Images searching for “father’s eyes”, this was the second image. Not photo-shopped though. Part of a FLickr collection in a group called 365 days. Looks like another time killer.

If I really thought a woman had her father’s eyes, I’d demand we had the lights out.

Gomez, take those out of her mouth.

Damn, but Angelica Huston made a perfect Morticia.

Yes, she did. And Raul Julia was a fantastic Gomez.