My dad runs a bestiality site

I was in class with some friends and pulled out a photo of my dad and showed it them. They couldn’t believe how closely we looked alike. And one asked for a recent photo. Knowing my dad ran a business, I googled him. It took me a minute, but I found a photo. But it was on a link, so I followed it. <link broken>. I don’t even know what to do or say. I just need support from someone. Just hours ago, I idolized him. Now I can’t even thinks straight. I can’t tell my friends or my family, so I have turned to the anonymity of the internet. Please don’t try to find out who I am, I just need support from strangers.

Could be worse, you could be the dog.

I clicked the link. I admit it.


Are you sure that someone else wasn’t just using a photo they found on the internet?

Oh, I wish that it was that, but they seem to be relentlessly attacking him and go into great detail. And to everyone else, it is NOT a porn site, but the language is NSFW material.

And it took me quite awhile to figure out just wtf I was looking at. Would not recommend. /wink

Do you think your mom knows?

Hey, if he was a good father to you and treated you right, that’s the important thing.

If she’s a fox, yes.

I have no opinion on your father, and I’m not going to check out the links, but there are some pretty ambitious and malevolent trolls out there, and I suspect that they considerably outnumber the people who actually practice bestiality.

You can check into it yourself (or hire a private investigator, I guess) or not, but no way would I be taking the internet’s word for this.

I think this is advice you should keep most prominent in your mind. That said, you have my sympathy. It’s always very hard when you are a teenager to discover that your parents have aspects of their lives that are disappointing to you. However, try to keep in mind that your father is a human being and that there will always been parts of other human beings lives you don’t like, but that doesn’t stop you from loving and caring about them. Also, take comfort in the fact that if this is indeed your father’s “kinky secret” (because who knows, as an early poster said, the site could just be using his photograph), there is much worse out there.

I find it strange that you would post a link to that site listing a full name. You could have easily shared your story and gotten support without linking to a site with a name.

If you were someone wanting to smear an innocent party, your post would look like like it looked.

If I am wrong, and you really found your dad on that site, then I’d say that as long as only consenting adult humans are involved, why punish someone for their kink? wMaybe it’s just about furries. Or about written or drawn porn.

Encyclopedia Dramatic is a satire/trolling/lulz site, isn’t it? I’m guessing the guy referenced in the article has just had the misfortune of drawing the attention of internet assholes. If my real picture or real name appeared on this site, I’d probably want to try to get it pulled down.

I have not clicked on the link, but the Encyclopedia Dramatica is a satirical website, right?

Not exactly, but I’d be leery of trusting anything posted there at face value. It appears to be a cesspool of humanity.

‘Everything you read on the Internet is true.’ Duke of Wellington, 1819.

Okay, seriously, if the accusation is untrue then it is seriously damaging to his reputation and he should sue them. As such, you should bring it to your father’s attention.

I broke the link in the OP. A cursory glance of the page (yeah this job sucks sometimes but you should see what I have to look at when I’m at my full time job) didn’t show anything NSFW with one click. At least on my phone. But it was naming real names and apparently doxxing at least one person. I’m not willing to put in the time to investigate content on that page, sorry. It’s not something we want to get involved in. The OP can continue to talk about the subject without linking to another site or naming names.

Do you live on a farm?