She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

To avoid spoilers I haven’t read any post in this thread since the episodes started dropping. Does anybody know if there will be spoilers for any post-Endgame MCU movies or series? Post Endgame, I’ve only seen Spider Man Far from Home and WandaVision, I haven’t seen anything else post Endgame. I’m quite willing to delay watching She-Hulk if anybody tells me directly there’s something else I should watch first.

There’s a reference to the post-credits scene from Shang Chi, which builds a little off of the end of Endgame, but it’s not really a huge spoiler or anything.

I can’t think of any other connections that would really keep you from enjoying the show or understanding what was going on.

Did…did she tell THE INCREDIBLE HULK she has it harder then him because of ‘catcalling and mansplaining’??

“I mean…I tried to kill myself and was hunted by the government for years…but yeah, the catcalling IS bad.”


Ahhh…I heard it wrong (No sarcasm)

She said she has a lot of practice controlling anger and fear because of those things.

I heard it wrong…she says “I’m an expert at controlling my anger cause I do it infinitely more than you.”…well…bit of hyperbole there Jen, but she’s right. I believe Jen Walters controls her anger a lot more then even normal Bruce (Who, hilariously would somehow run into bullies or catch a stray bullet in the arm on a daily basis)…and Professor Hulk?? No one is going to mess with Professor Hulk.

My thinking was that someday we’d return Hulk to a status quo because of injury difficulties related to his Infinity Gem arm injury, but that seems to have disapeered.

I thought it was cute and funny how excited Bruce was to share his journey, and how petulant he was that he couldn’t make use of his binder.

The whole “nah, I’m really good at doing Hulk things thanks byeeee” felt a mite rushed, but this show isn’t about her relationship with Bruce, so I get it.

During the car accident, Bruce’s transformation looked (for a moment) very like Bill Bixby’s, I thought

Apparently all the Mexico stuff was originally going to be in the penultimate episode of the season, and then they decided to restructure it. Which I’m happy with. The “let’s go back and explain how everything happened” they’ve been doing on some of those shows really just ends up dragging the end of the season.

Have they ever said that in any of the movies?

I had high hopes as a fan of the comic books (and as a fan of Orphan Black*, too!). It didn’t have the depth I would want, to balance… NAAAAH, y’know what? This should be a light, fun series, that breaks the fourth wall and has fun with super-hero clichés.

And it does! Nuff said.


*For anyone who wants to see Tatiana Maslany being a serious actress, watch the first episode of Orphan Black. Great show.

I enjoyed this episode a lot. I think the final scene was based on an issue I have, in which Jennifer (as She-Hulk) is appearing in front of the Supreme Court and Titania keeps attacking people in front of their building so Jen has to go out and defeat her three times, to the detriment of her suit.

I think they did breeze through the origin and the Jen-gets-control-of-herself stuff relatively quickly, but I assume that’s because they wanted to get to the real plot of the series, which I assume is going to be “She-Hulk works at a law firm,” rather like the Dan Slott-written “Single Green Female” storyline from the mid-2000s comics. That’s not a bad place to pull from. If we don’t hear at least a mention of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway, I will be very disappointed.

For what it’s worth, comic-book Jennifer always had more control over her Hulk form than Bruce did, even back in the days when her book was called The Savage She-Hulk. I kind of appreciate the “talking to the camera” element (She-Hulk was breaking the fourth wall before Deadpool was even created, thank you very much!), but I wonder how far they’re going to go with it. Will it just be an ongoing bit, or will it (as in the comics) be something that can actually affect events within the story?

Agreed, in the comics the Hulk is really a manifestation in many ways of Bruce’s trauma taking form. Jen doesn’t have that, so it makes sense her Hulk would be more Jen and she’d have more control.

I really liked the show. Apparently the CGI for her first Hulkout was pretty rough so that’s why you don’t see much of it.

Edited to clarify my agreement.

I thought it was OK. Very “by the numbers” intro episode that covered all the basics. It was definitely too rushed for my tastes. In the streaming era, there’s no reason you couldn’t add a few minutes to flesh out the characters a bit more. The villain crashing into the courtroom at the end was totally lame - 100% an excuse for Jen to Hulk out and give that button line at the end. You couldn’t have spent 15 seconds giving her some motivation for showing up like that? Lazy and gimmicky.

But I am almost always forgiving of first episodes like this, so I’ll keep watching to see if it improves.

The refreshing thing about She-Hulk in the comics is that she doesn’t have a huge amount of inner problems to deal with. (At least in the Byrne and Slott runs I’m familiar with.) She has lots of problems but they can all be solved with intelligence or a good stomping. She doesn’t have to rely on life changing experiences or epiphanies to go from point A to point B. The most annoying part of being a superhero to her is damage to her wardrobe which is easily solved by just staying in her Hulk form all the time. So far, that looks like the approach they’re taking here. Just keep it fun.

The one personality change she does undergo while She-Hulk is an increased libido. It will be interesting to see how that plays out on Disney.

Yup. It was really badly executed. If it has been said to that obnoxious counsel then it would have been great. To Banner, it just sounded childish.

Well, she’s talking about what he went through before he became the Hulk, to explain why she doesn’t need meditation to control herself when she’s hulked out. He had to go on the run from the government because he couldn’t control himself as the Hulk, because he didn’t have the experience, pre-Gamma, of having to constantly control his anger. At least, I think that’s how Jen sees it.

Also, she probably doesn’t know about the suicide attempt.

Of course, if Bruce’s upbringing is anything like his comic counterpart, she’s still a 1000% wrong, but she probably also doesn’t know about stuff like Bruce watching his dad beat his mom to death when he was six. I don’t think Jen’s in the wrong for not knowing that, but I think the show would have been better if it had touched on that at least a little. When he was surprised that she doesn’t have multiple personalities, I was really hoping she’d suggest that maybe the “other guy” in his head wasn’t put there by the gamma radiation.

There were some other weird pacing issues with the episode, which make a little more sense if this was originally meant to come late in the series, and was re-purposed for the intro. For example, they’re in (I think) upstate New York when they get in the car accident. She wakes up that night and wanders into a bar, then gets side-tackled by Bruce when she hulks out at the bar creeps. She’s then unconscious long enough for Bruce to get her all the way to Mexico? How hard did he tackle her?!

Also, Bruce keeps going on about how she has a responsibility to use her powers to protect the Earth, but is also basically ignoring that someone sent a space ship from Sakaar to find him. Which, I dunno, maybe he should be checking that out?

Still, I enjoyed it on balance.

Well, he presumably used a Quinjet. I imagine those are pretty speedy. And since he was concerned about dealing with ‘standard’ mindless Hulk rage, he very well may have sedated her during the flight and even during those initial tests.

Agree with everyone about the CGI issues. Otherwise, it’s a weak first episode, the origin story is rushed and lacking depth. I recall the character wasn’t all that great when she first appeared in the comic books but it’s been a long time and I haven’t seen how it ever developed. Anyway, I’ll give it a chance over a couple of more episodes, it would be worth a little wait if it sorts things out.