She was a very good cat.

I’ve talked about her on the boards a few times.Like when she got walled in and when I realized how old she was..

We noticed on Sunday that she wasn’t looking too good and made a vet appointment for Wednesday. But she didn’t make it to Wednesday. I’m pragmatic and not overly sentimental, but damn, she was a good cat.

Seeing as I’ve just gone through this, I know what it’s like. Sorry to hear about this. What happened?

Awww…I’m so sorry, hon. :frowning:

I dunno what happened. On Sunday, my daughter says “Mommy, Stupid doesn’t look too good.” And she didn’t. She was just staring off into space, her head was drooping and she seemed sorta spacey.

On Tuesday night she hid behind the huge dresser and refused to come out. She come out during the night at some time to take her place at the foot of the bed and die with her family.

I can’t believe how sad I feel.

My condolences; I lost my buddy of 14 years 3 years ago…it still hurts if I think about it too much.

Well at least she had many good years with you, so many cats have a hard time and are looking for a good home.

I’m so sorry! I’ve just been through it too and it’s one of those “pit of your stomach” sort of sadnesses. :frowning:

Perhaps theres a little kitty Dopefest going on in the great beyond.

I’m sorry, hon. And so is Tiki: “Meeeerowwww.” (she’s Siamese.) I had a lot of pets when I was young, but none that I loved as much as my current kitty. I’ll hug her extra tight tonight.

My sincerest sympathies. Losing any member of the family (and pets ARE family!!) is always a wrench. Even though I haven’t lived with my parents for years, when I found out they had to put the two cats down (George, a Himalayan/Siamese Mix was 20 and just got old; Trooper, a one-eyed and huge golden tabby lost kidney function) I was in a state for days! It was worse when they put MY former cat down, but I miss all of them even though I had so little contact with them.

Meanwhile, ((((((Biggirl and family)))))

I’m so sorry. At least she was home with her family. That had to be a good thing for her.

I’m sorry to hear about your kitty. I hope it’s some comfort that she went quickly and at home with the people she loved.

It doesn’t make you overly sensitive or un-pragmatic, Biggirl. There are few things in the world so fine as a Good Cat, and I have mourned a few myself.

Hugs to you and your family…

Awww… I’m so sorry to hear about your cat.

(Stupid was the cat, right?)

Oh, I’m sorry, hon.

It sounds like she went very peacefully, much better than an extended illness or having to make a decision on whether to put her to sleep or not. She died with you guys - I think that’s very touching.


Short for “Get off the bed, you stupid cat!” But she proved who was stupid, she never got off. After 8 years you realize whose bed it really is.

The vet refused to put Stupid on her chart. She was Cat there.

I first visited this site a few years ago when I lost my diabetic kitty after years of home care. I next went when I lost my cancer lab. Some thoughtful poster offered this link to Athena recently. Your choice, here’s the site: -R

{{{Biggirl and family}}}}

So sorry…its so hard to lose a pet. Pragmatic & not-overly sentimental has little to do with the loss of a feline family member!

I’m glad for her sake and your family’s that she went so peacefully, that must be a blessing to cling to right now. Just over a year ago we had to put my sweet kitty of 14 yrs down due to cancer. Still hurts to think about too much.

Peace and blessings to all of you that lost a beloved pet.

{{{{{{Vestal Blue}}}}}}
{{{{{{DeskMonkey}}}}}} <good idea, a Kitty Dopefest!>

It isn’t oversensitive to grieve for a friend. Especially one you’ve had for years. Best wishes to you.

i’m sorry biggirl.